Samsung to Release Firmware Updates for NX10

Samsung Electronics has recently released firmware update for NX10. The NX10 users are able to download the latest firmware to enhance the product’s performance.

1. Before upgrading the firmware

● Make sure you use fully charged batteries. It is recommended that you use an AC adaptor for cameras that have an AC adaptor. If fully charged batteries are not used, or the power is cut during a firmware upgrade, the mainboard may be seriously damaged, resulting in camera malfunction.
If camera malfunction is caused during a firmware upgrade for the reasons given above, the mainboard may have to be serviced by a Samsung service centre, which may result in major repair charges.

● Before upgrading the firmware, make sure that you format the memory card on your PC or camera and then download the necessary firmware file. Since the MMC(MultiMediaCard) may not be suitable for firmware upgrade, depending on the model, check before you proceed with upgrading the firmware.

● Download the firmware file into the root directory of the memory card. Also check that the firmware file downloaded has the correct file name for the camera model.

● To upgrade firmware there should be sufficient free space on the memory card for the size of he firmware file. If the firmware upgrade is not completed because of insufficient memory space, delete some of the files saved on the memory to secure more free space and then try again.

● Do not operate the camera, remove the batteries, or cut the power while upgrading firmware. Operate the camera only after the firmware upgrade is complete.

● Once the firmware is upgraded, it is not possible to restore the earlier version of the firmware. When the firmware is upgraded, all the camera settings are set to their default values. Since all the files stored in the internal memory will be deleted, ensure that files are copied to other storage devices before upgrading firmware.

● Before downloading firmware, make sure you read the Software Use Terms Conditions. The act of downloading the firmware is taken to mean that you have agreed to the Software Use Terms and Conditions.

※ Should you need further detailed information, or if you experience difficulty in upgrading firmware, do not proceed with the process on your own. Visit a Samsung service centre near you.

2. Improvements compare to F/W version 1.15

□ We added EVF selection function on the AMOLED displayed menu.
□ We added MF Asist On/Off selection function.
□ We added MF usage function while using K-Mount Adapter.
□ We improved Auto White Balance function of Low color temperature condition.
□ We improved SD Card Read/Write speed.
□ System stablization

3. How to Upgrade the Firmware

If the batteries are completely discharged during the firmware upgrade, camera malfunction may occur. Make sure to use fully charged batteries for safety. Ensure that you format the SD card before using it, and then save the firmware file on the formatted SD card.

1) Download the firmware file into the root directory of the SD memory card.


※ Please check the firmware file capicity whether it 15.5M or not.

2) After saving the firmware file to the SD card, please use the hardware safty removal as below.


3) Insert the SD card on which the firmware file is to be saved.

4) Press the menu button.

5) Move to “Setup Menu 3″ (Press the left button of 4-wat key.)

6) Select the “Firmware Update”
(After pressing the left button of 4-way key, press the OK button for 1 time.)


7) Select the “Body Firmware”. (Press the OK button for 1 time)


8) Select “Yes”. (After pressing the down button of 4-way key, press the OK button for 1 time.)


9) The upgrading progress bar will be increased, then after finishing it, camera will reboot  again.


※ After finishing the firmware upgrade, please delete the firmware file on the SD card.

To download the latest firmware version 1.15, please click here and click the button on the bottom right. You may see the firmware update file(updated 2010-05-20) after manual and driver files.

Enjoy your newest version of NX10!


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