The beginning of ST series in 2010 ST70 / ST60

ST series from Samsung is a product line having stylish slim design with convenient shooting. Especially, the ST70 and ST60 have started year 2010 with Smart Auto 2.0 allowing the utmost convenient shooting, 7 degree angle for self shot

The Samsung ST70 uses MicroSD and MicroSDHC memory card. It has 14.2M effective pixels 27-135mm focal length with optical 5x zoom with F3.5-5.9 Samsung lens. It has 230K pixels 2.7” LCD on the back and 96.3 X 55.8 X 16.6mm of size and 120g of weight. It comes with 4 colors such as Silver, Black, Blue, and Orange.

The ST60 uses SD and SDHC memory card. It has 12.2M effective pixels 27-119mm focal length with optical 4x zoom with F3.5-5.9 Samsung lens. It has 230K pixels 2.7” LCD on the back and only 90.9 X 56 X 16.5mm of size and 96.3g of weight. It comes with 4 colors such as Silver, Black, Purple, and Red.

Because both are ST series products, they are very similar. Therefore, I will introduce the ST70 mostly and mention the difference.

Smart Button is located on the top of the body. This allows users to use Smart Auto 2.0 conveniently in any situation, and pushing this button, mode goes back to a previously used mode.

On top of that, 7 degree angle is one of the features which have been applied to Samsung Compact cameras in 2010. Putting the ST70 on a desk, when taking self shots, the lens directly sees the face, so it’s more convenient to shoot self photos.

In normal digital cameras, rotational mode buttons is located to set a mode. However, because this takes some space, a mode button is horizontally located on the back of the ST70 and vertically located on the ST60.

From this mode button, menu button, 5 direction key, play button, and Fn button are located. Detailed setting is done by the menu button and mode settings are made by Fn button, and when playing, it takes a role as a delete button.

3, 9, and 20 thumbnails are supported and images can be sorted by File, Date, Color, Week, and Face. For Face sort, up to 10 faces can be detected and up to 12 faces can be registered. And using Smart Face Recognition through My star registration for up to 8 faces, focus and exposure are set in the order of My start and registered faces.

Like I mentioned, Smart button is located on the ST70 and ST60. Samsung camera’s image processing has 2 main concepts in 2010. It’s more convenience and creative image. Smart Auto 2.0 is for the more convenience and compared to Smart Auto 1.0, it has 4 additional modes, so it allows users to take great pictures in various situations without settings.

Through the mode button of the ST70, 5 modes can be selected such as Program mode, Dual IS, Scene mode, and Movie mode. When it comes to the ST60, it only supports Smart Auto, Program, Scene, and Movie mode.

The other image processing concept is Creative image and it’s made by Photo Style and Smart Filter. Easier Photo Style, Miniature, Vignetting, and Fish eye filter can be applied not only to images, but also to movie recording. It allows users to take unique moves, and Smart Movie Recording including 4 scene modes is very convenient.

When it comes to the ST60, it only supports Vignetting and Fish-eye filter in movie mode. And it also supports 1280x720HQ HD movie, 640×480, and 320×240 SD movie recording, movie editing, Image stabilization, and still image capture.


Samsung ST series is light and in bright color, so convenient to carry. And Smart button to easily and quickly use upgraded Smart Auto 2.0 makes it more valuable.






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