NX10, Blue line along the focus ring very pleasant

Samsung Digital Imaging has provided the author of this review with the mentioned digital imaging device.

Hello, this is Nicholas from Belgium. This is my 1st blog post. I am going to make stories with NX10. It is about the nice design of the NX10 camera.

While everybody is talking about what’s under the hood of nowadays new cameras, the shell can be just as interesting. Let’s take a look at Samsung’s recent NX10.
The first thing that catches the eye is the size of this camera. Smaller than a DSLR, yet bigger than the occasional point and shoot camera. Combine this with the looks of a DSLR and you get a unique mix. With its compact design, the new NX10 is the perfect buddy to carry around on a trip and will surely turn some heads along the way. It’s recommended to use the neck strap or a wrist strap, but when you go for a short walk you might not even need those.



The body of the NX10 is very solid and the base shell has a speckled texture. This does not only look cool but it would also camouflage dirt or damage and provides some extra grip. Speaking of grip, the main right hand grip with a beautiful leather-like appearance feels comfortable and safe.
Because the body is so small and the grip is placed at a clever position, some buttons on the back of the camera have moved away from what may be seen as default positions on bigger DSLR cameras. After some practice however navigating feels good and the important buttons are easily accessible.


The real eye-catcher on the backside of the camera is of course the crispy and vivid 3 inch AMOLED display. Its brightness assures you will even see your subject on the sunniest days. Because of the large resolution, a lot of information can be displayed on the screen, if you want this.


The DC IN, HDMI, AV OUT and remote control sockets are all tucked away unnoticeable in the streamlined camera body. The same thing counts for the memory card and battery slot. In fact, the whole body seems free of any unnecessary curves or decorations, resulting in a clean and simple design.


A final interesting thing can be said about the NX lenses. Samsung used a subtle blue line along the focus ring which looks very pleasant. It also distinguishes the lenses from most other lenses around. In my opinion, Samsung should use its typical blue colour more often as it gives the brand a unique and recognizable look.

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