Wanna See EX1(TL500)? Visit Micro Site!

EX1(TL500) hasn’t even been released yet but it has already attracted a lot of attention. And we are sure that there are many people who are waiting for EX1(TL500).

Before releasing EX1(TL500), Samsung has opened EX1(TL500) micro site. With sample pictures and videos of Istanbul, the human voice tells a story about light, color, and views. Follow the story, and enjoy the new camera EX1(TL500) earlier than any others.

10 megapixel EX1(TL500) with 3-inch articulating AMOLED display has a F1.8 24mm ultra-wide lens, dual image stabilization, and ISO 3200 max sensitivity that should combine to deliver decent shots in low-light conditions without using a flash.

To visit EX1(TL500)’s micro site, please click here.


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