Samsung 2view Celebrity Photo Exhibition In Brazil

amsung 2view is hosting a launching exhibition from 28th April to 28th may in Vila Olimpia Mall in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The exhibition shows family photos of 48 Brazilian celebrities, produced by Samsung 2view PL100(TL205), under the title of “Celebrity in family”. The event is being sponsored and promoted with Contigo!, the biggest Brazilian magazine, which publicizes the major entertainment events in the country and steadily holds 2.7 million readers.

Contigo! Weekly edition – May 6th – Cover

Contigo! Weekly edition – May 6th

The exhibition has been opened with a cocktail circuit in the presence of celebrated Brazilian stars, magazine guests and directors. During the cocktail, photo exhibition made a promoter demonstrating of PL100(TL205) and the guests freely took pictures in front of a giant magazine cover of Contigo!. Photographers on the day wearing Samsung uniforms also used NX10. In the event hall, the most famous actors, singers and TV hostesses of Brazil, such as Suzana Vieira, Zeze di Camargo, Gigi Monteiro tested PL100(TL205).



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