The Experts Talk about the NX10’s Value.

, Samsung mirrorless camera, continually gets favorable reviews from the major media such as Cnet UK, Engadget, Digital Trends and As you all know, those famous sites mainly treat Business, IT, and Digital Photography that have professional and trusted reviews.

Engadget and Digital Trends introduced NX10’s limited white edition and focused on high quality image. In addition, said that Samsung introduces a new camera format and highlighted the same size sensor of DSLR.

The followings are extracts from the original articles.

Cnet UK

“Olympus and Panasonic were the first companies to launch compact, dSLR-esque cameras with interchangeable lenses. But Samsung’s offering, the NX10, is the first such camera to use a dSLR-sized, APS-C format sensor, and one with a juicy 14.6-megapixel resolution at that.”


NX10 Limited Edition Product Review: “Some cameras just beg to be taken out in the sun, and such is the new Limited Edition NX10 from Samsung, a Silas-inspired model that looks quite good in white and is perfect for documenting your self-flagellation techniques. This special edition will come as a kit with a slinky 30mm pancake lens and a leather case.”


NX10 Limited Edition Product Review: “Samsung has announced it plans to introduce a white-bodied, limited edition version of its NX10 interchangeable lens camera, with the first models going on sale May 7. Although the NX10 isn’t a DSLR, it aims to offer all the image quality of high-end digital cameras, and supports interchangeable lenses to give photographers fine-grained control over their shots. The white limited edition camera is scheduled to be available in the United States, Taiwan, China, Korea, the Netherlands…although since it’s a limited edition, there may not be many on hand.”

NX10 Product Review: “Samsung introduces a new camera format with the 14.6-megapixel NX10, a mirrorless interchangeable lens model that sells for $700 with the kit lens. The goal was to create a camera that’s less bulky than a digital SLR, but uses the same size sensor, to avoid image quality compromises.”

Amateur Photographer

Product Review of NX10: “The New Samsung NX System helps you step up to the next level of photography and take better photos by offering the perfect combination of Digital SLR performance and compact convenience.”

For more information about NX10, please click here.


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