Sonho de Valsa. Plus, special interview at SoHo

“The Dollar Van Demos Seen!” with Sonho de Valsa

On the streets of Recife, Pernambuco we found these ‘palafitas’ (stilt-walkers) performing a sweet love story. Sonho de Valsa (Waltzing Dream) are delicious cashew-filled chocolate bonbons popular throughout Brazil.

<Sonho De Valsa>

This is one of Brazil’s most popular and traditional kinds of chocolate.

The music is ‘Ai Voce Gosta’ by Cassiano featuring Zuzuka Poderosa.


Zuzuka Poderosa

# “The Dollar Van Demos Seen!” with Onili

Onili, a pop group from Tel Aviv, sit down with us at the Cotelac store in SoHo to discuss their hometown, their new releases, fashion and heavy metal.

For more info on Onili, please visit

Movie uploaded from Samsung Intelli-studio. Thank you for watching!

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