Samsung WP10 Preview



Water, It doesn’t matter! 3m Waterproof

The WP10 has been designed as a water proof camera without any water proof case or jacket in up to 3m of depth. Therefore, users can freely take shots in a swimming pool or beach without worrying about water.

More Closer! 5x Optical Zoom

Inner zoom design, optical 5x zoom without protrusion!                

It can zoom in subjects in a long distance.                                 

More Smarter! Smart Auto

Smart Auto which the camera automatically sets the mode among 17 different modes

Take great quality pictures without complicated settings.

HD Quality Movie Recording

The WP10 can record 30fps high quality movies in H.264 format.

It takes high quality videos with less size.

2.7″ Intelligent Wide

It has 2.7” large color LCD to take pictures with more vivid quality.

More Fun! Smart Filter

Vignetting effect feeling like Lomo camera and Fish-eye effect allows users more fun that was available only with expensive lenses or Photoshop.

More Beauty! Perfect Portrait System

Beautiful Portrait shots with Perfect Portrait System

The camera adjusts the skin brightness, so the face becomes flawless and brighter.

That means you don’t need any Photoshop to get a perfect portrait picture.

Clicking the image, you can see the original picture.


35mm F3.6 1/25s ISO100         35mm F3.6 1/50s ISO80         59mm F3.9 1/40s ISO80


51mm F3.9 1/80s ISO80         35mm F3.6 1/40s ISO80         35mm F3.6 1/125s ISO80

45mm F3.7 1/80s ISO80         35mm F3.6 1/100s ISO80         175mm F4.8 1/200s ISO80


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