P&I 2010, Seoul International Photo & Imaging Industry Show, was held from April 29th to May 2nd (4 days) COEX Korea Exhibition Center, Seoul, Korea.



Photo & Imaging is one of the most influential trade fairs in Asia, of photo & imaging industries. For more than 15 years, this show has been a significant meeting place for all photo-lovers from all over the world, amateurs & professionals alike.

Studio, Professional Photographers, Amateur Photgraphers, Photographic Equipment Maker or Seller, Printing, Publishing, Advertising, PR, Design, IT, Teachers, Students & others are the target visitors.

Profile for exhibit includes Cameras and Accessories, Photo developing, enlarging, finishing equipment, Digital Imaging system, Software for Digital Imaging Editing, Internet Portal Site, Studio facilities(Backgrounds, strobo, tripods, etc), Photo scanners, printers & Printing goods, Video cameras and other device(Battery, memory card, reader and etc.), Albums, Photo calendars, Bags, Clothes for photo, Optics goods(Binoculars, OHP, LCD projector, lens, etc.), Books, Newspaper.

has one of the biggest booths to display cameras, camcorders, and pictures.

Let’s look over the Samsung booth.

The main theme of Samsung booth is NX10 and new products.

On the main stage, beautiful models pose with Samsung cameras for photos.

Behind the main stage, there is photo zone for NX10.

Samsung’s new products are tested by users. People can take pictures and even print their photos.

EX1(TL500) can take pictures well with f1.8 lens in the dark condition. EX1(TL500) has got a lot of attentions from users even it hasn’t been released yet.

Good to see WCIC members again! They have their photos and videos put on display at the gallery of booth.


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