Mirrorless Camera NX10, hit the Trefa!

Samsung NX10 has received “Trefa” award (trefa means “hit” or “shot”) for quality of pictures, over-average lenses and good cost-value comparison.

Digimanie.cz, the best camera review site in the Czech Republic, selected NX10 for Trefa award.
Generally, the pros of NX10 are integrated EVF with automatical switch-on, highly over-average lenses, long battery life, good picture quality especially by RAW, valuable price, low weight and dimensions, impressive possibilities of manual setting and great results in back-light.
In the article, the author is highlighting automatical switching on as good benefit, generally EVF benefit vs Olympus PEN

The author is also claiming “When I should buy compact with exchangable lenses, I would go for tested Samsung NX10 with 18-55 and 30mm lenses. To use it made me really fun and I have used it even when testing other cameras, just to have more fun. This is also reason to Trefa award”


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