#15 Tiago Ribeiro – All of Phobia

Hello. This is Nadia. It’s raining now. How’s the weather at your place? I get so excited when I see the colorful flowers and the dazzling green leafs on my way to work. Are you enjoying the lovely spring as well?

This post has also been delayed. But while I was preparing for it, I had a big incident. I took a wrong step on the stairs and hurt my foot. Fortunately it’s almost healed now but it has left me with an unforgettable memory. Let’s say a fear for stairs, perhaps? When I go down the stairs or even take the elevator, I tend to carefully place my feet with a touch of fear.

Do you happen to have a fear for stairs? Or do you fear something really small that you can’t even tell others? The photographer I’d like to introduce to you is Tiago Ribeiro who lives in Portugal. He is 25 years old and works as a Software Engineer. But if you look at his photos you’ll start to wonder why he is not a professional photographer. It almost feels like his photos with great ideas, clean colors and compositions are initiating a conversation. So when I’m looking at Tiago’s Photostream, it takes me on a long photo journey that makes me forget about my work. Photographer who makes you work overtime, I’d like to introduce Phobias by Tiago Ribeiro.

#1 Arachnophobia


Everyone’s asleep. You’re lying on the bed looking up to the ceiling. Your thinking ‘I wasn’t suppose to handle the work like that today’ ‘I’ll do better tomorrow’ ’What am I going to wear to work?’ and when you are about to fall asleep suddenly something comes down from the ceiling. A hairy spider with 8 feet. OMG! You freak out and say goodbye to a good night sleep. Did you ever have this kind of experience? I don’t. But one time I grabbed something with my hands in my sleep and that was spider. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick.

#2 Amnesiphoia


Have you ever lost your memory due to accidents or unfortunate circumstances? I don’t but some people who have head injuries lose their memories for awhile. There are cases where they don’t remember their names or where they live or even remember who their parents are. But In cases like this, they can easily be healed by taking a good rest or with interest from others. I’ve never experience this type of accident but I do have a terrible memory. I forget about things I should do or remember wrong hours of appointment and give others a hard time. Will I be able to heal if I take a good rest and receive interest from others?

#3 Acrophobia


Acrophobia, fear of heights. Probably it is the most common and the most heard of fear. Everyone feels scared at very high places of course. But if your body shivers and feel the electricity flow through your body when you see someone bungee jumping on TV, or if your body stiffens and can’t do anything when you are up somewhere high or suddenly if you feel the need to go to the bathroom, then you can consider that an acrophobia. I personally like high places so I don’t really understand it. I love to bungee jump. It can be cured through experiencing and practicing so I guess you can overcome this fear by going up to higher places.

#4 Gerascophobia


You wake up in the morning and look into the mirrors and see wrinkles you haven’t seen yesterday, your belly is sagging day by day, you have spots on your face, and your teeth aches when you drink cold water… This is something I experience everyday but it is just horrible to see when it’s lined up like this. Aging is like weathering, something that happens naturally with time. But everyone fears this. Why? I think ‘loss’ would be the key reason. When you see yourself transform into this inferior creature, not the person you used to remember, is when you start to feel like you’ve lost your youth and get upset. Drugs, surgery are raging out taking advantage of this mentality. But can these artificial means be able to win over time? To accept what is infront of you and to positively welcome the reality is the right attitude to enjoy aging process. Try to visualize the more beautiful and abubdant inner beauty in return for aging of the exterior.

#5 Phalacrophobia


“Getting old is one thing but getting bald? Absolutely NOT!”

Yes, I agree. You’ll agree more especially if you are a women. You can see quite a lot of gorgeous man who are bald, but it’s difficult to see a bald woman and even if you see them, it’s not feminine at all. Despite the fact that they are bald, Sean Connery, Bruce Willis and Jason Statham are gorgeous actors. If you see a old bald man around you, don’t think they are originally like that. They had no cohoice but to accept it, but they still carry the bitterness with them.

#6 Photographobia


There are always people who run away when there’re about to take pictures. They say “I hate taking pictures” or say “I don’t look good in pictures”. I think it’s cute sometimes but there are times when I get annoyed. People say that I look better in person, but I still love to take pictures because no matter how much I dislike myself inside the photo, myself in that particular time will always remain inside photo . If you think moments are precious, then try it. It’s not a big deal. It’s really nothing.

#7 Ichthyophobia


Do you enjoy sashimi? Of course you can eat it easily if it’s just the flesh. But if you have the whole fish infront of you, that’ll be a bit hard. When you see a fish lying on a dish ready to be eaten with its eye open and its mouth moving with the body cut into pieces, will you be able to eat it? We’ll have to at least cover the poor eyes with a leaf of lettuce then we’ll be able to swallow. This level can be considered average but if you can’t go inside the cold pool because you feel like fishes will jump out or if you have goose bumps just thinking about them then you have Ichthyophobia. A round eyes without focus, stiff body, a slighty open mouth trying to mumble something. It all somehow seems like a ghost. I’m afriad I might end up getting Ichthyophobia as well.

#8 Glossophobia


This is a photo that expresses the fear of speaking in front of people, or the fear you feel when you are just about to say something. I have definitely experienced this fear. When I was studying in France, I always said to myself ‘If I say something wrong, people will laugh at me. Grammer and vocabulary has to be perfect. If not, I won’t say word.’ That idea has turned me into dumb. At the time I was so frustrated with not being able to talk, but embarrassment was bigger issue than frustration. It’s obvious that you can’t speak the foreign language fluently. I have no idea why I acted the way I did. I regret it so much. Of course in my case I had to speak foreign language in a foreign country so I guess it’s not a proper gossophobia. People who suffer from gossophobia usually write down what they want to say and memorize them or cure by writing diaries. It could be frustrating sometimes, but it’s not a bad idea to become everybody’s ‘MOMO’ and for a moment listen to what they have to say.

Nadia on Phobias. How did you like it? Were you surprised because it focused on a heavy subject unlike usual? I’d have to say maybe this is because it’s spring. What’s surrounding you is absolutely beautiful but the fact that I can’t adapt to these changes sometimes deepens your dark side and feelings. Anyway, I’d like to thank Tiago Ribeiro for letting me share his wonderful photos and ideas. To freshen up, I’m going to go for a sunbath. Thank you.


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