ST5500(CL80) wins iF material award 2010!

Samsung Electronics is honored to say that Samsung’s five products got a prize and were selected in the iF material award. Moreover, ST5500(CL80) was chosen in Product categories.

The iF material award, bestowed by the International Forum Design, awards outstanding design in the categories material and appliance, processing, ideas and products.
The ST5500(CL80) adopts a design with an undercut in two or more areas to enhance usability from an ergonomic perspective. The undercut design is difficult to create with a single execution of the existing press process.

“Hydroforming”, a way of shaping metals using high pressure hydraulic fluid, enables the design of complicated forms with an undercut based on a single process. “Hydroforming technology” has been specially improved and applied for the realization of this design concept. “Hydroforming technology” has enhanced the value of ST5500(CL80) by enabling environment-friendly manufacturing, based on reduction of energy and an ergonomic design.

Clockwise from top left: laser printer toner (MLT-D105L), HDD(G-series, G2/G3), mobile phone(S8000 JET/ W850 AMOLED) and refrigerator(SRT746ZWKPZ, Scalar).
For more information about ST5500(CL80), please click here.

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