Slim, slimmer, Samsung ST70

Slim, slimmer, Samsung ST70

Taking 14.2M high pixels pictures with Smart Auto

Compact cameras keep being developed by improving previous functions and adding new functions. Even though it’s really compact and small, sometimes it’s really difficult to use. That’s why complicated functions need to be simplified with adding functions at the same time. That means the convergence comes together with simplicity.

Recently, Samsung( has released the ST70 and ST60 having slim design and functions. They have reduced the complexity of use by accenting frequently used functions. Let’s take a look at the slim function and design of the ST70.


Slim design fitting with suit

The non-glossy type silver body looks neat feeling like a silver suit. The ST70 has a slim body with 16.6mm of thickness (The ST60 has 16.5mm), but it looks slimmer due to the silver color. Except the battery, it weighs only 120g, so there’s no problem to put in a shirt pocket. Since the top with the shutter button has been designed with slant, it’s comfortable to hold the body and push the shutter. The silver color, simple design, slim size and light weight fit well to both young generation and businessmen in suits.

Effective 14.2 Mega pixels & 2.7” LCD

The ST70 has effective 14.2 Mega pixels. Taking pictures in maximum resolution (4320×3240), a poster sized picture (A1) can be printed out. As a compact camera, it supports quite high pixels and compared with DSLRs, it’s higher than entry level DSLRs. If you want to buy a camera for printing out, the ST70 will be a good product. It supports 4:3 standard ratio with 3:2 and 16:9. The ST60 supports effective 12.2M pixels in the maximum resolution of 4000×3000.

It has adopted 230K pixels 2.7” TFT LCD screen. The outdoor visibility of the LCD is good, but due to its silver color of the ST70, it looks a little darker than a black body product.

Optical 5x zoom

The ST70 supports optical 5x zoom. (The ST60 supports optical 4x zoom.) Using it with digital 5x zoom together, maximum 25x zoom is available. Pulling the lever to the right, the image is zoomed in and to left, it goes back. The lever can be adjusted by an index finger, so it’s much easier to control than buttons. There’s no time delay after moving the lever, so users can take a precious moment quickly.

One touch Smart Auto

Smart Auto automatically recognizes various scenes and help users take perfect shots. By pushing the button located on the left top once, users can activate it. It automatically recognizes 17 different scenes, so even beginners can easily take great shots.

Dual IS minimizing hand shake

Dual IS minimizes hand shake by applying OIS and DIS together. Small and light compact cameras are vulnerable to hand shake. Especially, when zooming, it gets worse, so IS function becomes more important. In general shooting, OIS can be selected and when it’s insufficient, Dual IS can be also activated to get stronger effects. (The ST60 only supports DIS.)

Video recording function with various atmospheres

It can record up to 1280×720 size movies. 640×480 and 320×240 can also be recorded for uploading on web sites, and in 320×240, 60 fps is supported. By using the zoom, various types of videos can be recorded. In order to prevent noise from being recorded while zooming, you can select ‘Mute while zooming’ in voice option. Using Photo Style or Smart Filter together, various movies can be created. By applying Vignetting effect in Smart Filter, classical and emotional video recording is available. Maximum 20 minutes of movie can be recorded.

                                                                                                   *320×240 – 60fps recording


Macro is one of the photographers’ favorite modes, because Macro can catch the detailed scene which we generally couldn’t see. The ST70 supports 10cm Macro mode, so it’s enough to take flowers, insects, spaghetti, pizza, and something like that. Pushing the down button of the direction key, the mode changes to Macro mode from normal shooting mode.


Maximum ISO 3200

It supports ISO from 80 to 3200. Increasing ISO appropriately, users can take bright pictures under the low light condition. That’s why camera makers are trying to increase the range of ISO. However, too high ISO value makes the quality worse, so users need to find out the appropriate ISO. The ST70 keeps clean image quality in up to ISO 400 and from ISO 800, it’s getting more noise. In ISO 1600 and 3200, the noise distorts the colors much, so it’s better to use at night not in the day time.

Face Recognition

The ST70 supports various Face Recognition functions. It recognizes faces and automatically sets the focus and exposure, and detects smile and shoots. When registering faces, it prioritizes those faces to set focus and exposure. It also supports Blink Detection and Self Guide making beeping sound when recognizing a face.

Beauty Shot

Beauty shot corrects skin tone and brightness in 3 levels to make clean and flawless faces. In scene mode, Beauty Shot can be selected and by pushing Fn button, skin tone and brightness can be adjusted. You don’t need to worry about flaws on your face any more.

Tracking AF

Tracking AF is very useful when taking moving subjects. It’s following a moving subject such as my kid riding sled or something and set the focus. Users don’t need half shutter any more to keep the focus, so beginners can easily take shots.

Photo Style

The ST70 supports 11 Photo style modes. If normal shooting is a little boring or too simple, you can just apply one of them such as Sketch, Defog, Soft, Vivid, Forest, Retro, Cool, Calm, Black and White, and Negative to your pictures. These are frequently used effects when using image editing software and they can make smooth feelings. By using Custom RGB, you can make your own pictures.

Let’s play with Smart Filter

Let’s take fun pictures. 4 Smart Filter consist of Miniature, Vignetting, Fish eye 1, and 2. Miniature makes a picture look like a toy by blurrying the upper and lower side of the picture. It’s useful for those who like figure shots and to apply toy effect to a building. Vignetting filter makes Pin hall camera feeling by darkening the surroundings, and fish eye filter distorts the picture by blackening the edges.

Built-in Intelli-Studio

Intelli-Studio is convenient software supporting management of pictures and videos, editing, and uploading on the Internet. Users don’t need to download or install this software. Just by connecting the ST70 to a computer via USB cable, Intelli-Studio is automatically executed.

Slim, slimmer, Samsung ST70

Taking 14.2M high pixels pictures with Smart Auto

When googling cameras, there are a lot of expensive cameras with unnecessary functions. On the other hand, the ST70 is a practical compact camera. I think it will appeal to users who want useful functions and elegant design.


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