Samsung camcoder, SMX-F44 Preview


Closer and more vivid with 65x Intelli-zoom

F44’s optical 52x zoom!

It can fully take a subject in a long distance. By using Intelli-zoom,

optical 65x zoom can be applied.

No more battery out

With its super long battery time with 250 minutes,

users can take a long long video without worrying about a battery.

Forget that other camcorders having short recording time.

Connecting via USB, the battery can be charged.

Convenient Built-in editing software Intelli-Studio 2.0

Editing software Intelli-Studio is included, so users don’t have to install separate software in a PC, but by connecting the camcorder through the USB port, it can easily be used. Direct upload function to web sites such as Flickr and Facebook allows users to easily share and create their UCCs.

High quality in the camcorder

Wider CMOS sensor with less noise!

By adopting a larger CMOS than other products, it allows users to take higher quality videos with less noise and 1600×1200 size super fine quality still images can also be taken.

Beautiful movie with a great Schneider Lens

By adopting Schneider Kreuznach lens one of the 3 great lenses, it supports great quality and color reproduction.

H.264/MPEG4 for high compression rate and high quality

By adopting H.264/AVC format which has the highest compression rate for video recording, users can take more vivid videos for a longer time.

Up to 160 minutes                 H.264 codec

Smart Auto in camcorder

Smart Auto making appropriate shooting condition by analyzing various situations has been installed.

Compressing time! Interval recording

Interval recording means recording with a certain interval.

For example, high quality movies like documentary such as cloud moving,

flower blooming, and sky from sunrise to sunset can be recorded.

More beautiful face with Face Recognition

Face Recognition automatically recognizing faces and set the appropriate shooting condition has been supported. And it allows users to record more beautiful faces


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