Sweet Daddy’s Sweet Event

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After done my school term, I’m currently enjoying my spare time. On last Friday, weather was too good to just staying at home so I decided to walk for awhile. When I reached to the Eaton Centre – the biggest shopping mall in downtown Toronto – I saw a guy sitting down and drawing on the sidewalk.


ST1000(CL65) 1/125s l F3.6 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm
I’ve seen many people dancing, playing instruments, or performing other talents in front of Eaton Centre but it was my first time to see someone drawing on the sidewalk. His drawing was amazing but what he wrote caught my eyes more than the drawing.

ST1000(CL65) 1/125s l F3.7 l ISO 80 l 7.1mm

Hello folks. I’m using my chalky powers to try and raise the funds I need to make it to Halifax next week for my little girl’s 11th birthday with a little laptop for her very first computer for a present. This is a huge, lofty and improbable goal to reach so any and all donations are appreciated.
He was trying to get his little girl’s birthday present by performing his talent, not borrowing other people’s hand. I thought it was very sweet thing that daddy can do and actually moved my heart. To be honest, it was my first time to donate to street performer except when I travelled in Europe.
I think he was drawing characters from the movie ‘Iron Man’ – not sure, because I didn’t watch it – and they looked realistic. 🙂


ST1000(CL65) 1/90s l F4.1 l ISO 80 l 17.4mm

ST1000(CL65) 1/60s l F3.8 l ISO 80 l 9.3mm

ST1000(CL65) 1/60s l F4.1 l ISO 80 l 17.4mm
Not only he has talent of drawing, but he also has sense of humor. What he wrote on the street made me smile while I was watching him drawing.

ST1000(CL65) 1/125s l F3.6 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

ST1000(CL65) 1/125s l F4.0 l ISO 80 l 14.9mm

– Car rental for 5 days: $230.71
– Gas to Halifax and back plus kilometers: $400.00
– 4 Nights accommodation: $400.00
– Food for 5 days: $150.00
– A new laptop for my daughter for her 11th birthday: $500.00
– Raising enough loonies & toonies to visit my little girl and give her very first computer for her birthday thanks to the kindness of strangers: PRICELESS
Missing your little girl totally sucks… for everything else there’s MASTERCHALK

ST1000(CL65) 1/125s l F3.7 l ISO 80 l 7.1mm
‘MAKE A WI$H’ well was funny too. According to what he wrote, now I have ‘unlimited evenings & weekends’ wish for 2 months perhaps, haha. (Please don’t tell me it’s for 2 days…)

ST1000(CL65) 1/60s l F3.6 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm
Hope he’ll have good trip to Halifax this week with a birthday present he desired to give to his little girl. 🙂 I also look forward to see more of his amazing works wherever later on! Do you want to see his works other than this? Find ‘Chalkmaster Dave’ on Facebook!
Thanks to Dave, it was the day that I thought about a daddy with gold heart – you made me missing my daddy though. Weather was bit chilly, but my heart was warm on my way to coming back home.. 🙂
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