24mm Ultra Wide angle WB650(HZ35W) –Part2-

Samsung Digital Imaging has provided the author of this review with the mentioned digital imaging device.

Full manual operation

The WB650 supports P, S, A, M mode which allow users to set aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and colors. That’s why users can project their feeling in their pictures. It’s good as a learning tool for beginners and as a expression tool for professionals.

Shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted by pushing Fn button and every time the setting changes, brightness on the screen changes in real time. Compared to other cameras only changed when the shutter is pushed, it’s a really comfortable manual shooting mode. However, a lot of button controls are needed for manual shooting. Shutter speed can be set from 1/2000 to 16 sec, aperture is from F3.2-F11.6 (12 levels) in wide angle, and F5.8-F12.0 (7 levels) in telephoto angle.


F4.4 Maximum Opening F12.5 Minimum Opening


F5.8 Maximum Opening F12 Minimum Opening

Closing the aperture as tight as possible, the image quality gets worse. The background becomes more vivid, but the quality of subjects gets lower, so looking at the results, it can appear the focus is set well when it’s not. Outdoors, with the minimum aperture, sharp light split can be experienced, so for light split and quality, users don’t need to close the aperture so much.


3 metering


It supports spot, center-weighted, and multi metering. When using spot or center-weighted metering, it’s easier to set the exposure in the place with big different exposure.


Various AF

The WB650 supports Center AF, multi AF, tracking AF, and selection AF. Among them, the tracking AF and selection AF are special. The tracking AF follows the selected subject by using the color information and brightness and sets the focus. It can be activated by pushing OK button after selecting the menu. The selection AF supports only the central part as a focus area, so users have to put the subject in the center and activate it. If the subject moves too fast or the light source is too complicated, it used to fail to track it.

Enjoying various colors simply. Photo style & Image correction

By using Photo Style and image correction in the WB650, users can adjust the color feeling. It supports 10 different color feelings such as standard, sketch, calm, soft, vivid, forest, retro, cool, defog, and classic. Or users can use RGB by setting their own colors.


Contrast, Sharpness and saturation can be corrected. 5 correction levels are supported and while correcting, users can check the screen in real time.

Imperative ACB in backlight


ACB is Auto Contrast Balance and when taking shots in the place with big contrast difference between the subject and background and it prevents pictures from getting dark. It can be used in PASM mode and in Auto mode, it automatically works. When using it in proper brightness, users might get a strange picture.

If you didn’t set the ACB function on while taking shots, you can use ACB for retouching from the play menu. When applying retouching, multiple effects can be applied, but there might be some noise in dark part, so I recommend you to use it only twice.

AEB (Auto Exposure Bracket)


AEB takes 3 photos with different exposures such as normal, underexposed, and overexposed. It’s the same as bracketing.

Motion Capture

Motion capture takes 6 photos per second up to 30 pictures in 640×480 size. ISO is automatically fixed and when it’s done, images are automatically played and stored. This resolution looks a little small, but it’s understandable because when GIF is made, the size has to be reduced.



In travel, we ask or are asked to take a picture to or from strangers. If you want a certain composition, it’s not easy to explain it. However, it’s not any more with Frame Guide. With Frame Guide, once taking a shot with the composition you want, the frame remains on the left and right side, so others can take pictures with the composition I want.


HD movie

Smart for Movie

Smart Movie mode allows users the best shooting condition not only for pictures, but also for movies. It consists of 4 modes and once it recognizes the scene, it’s automatically displayed on the left top of the screen.


clip_image016Landscape movie recording

clip_image017Landscape movie recording

clip_image018Natural Green movie recording

clip_image019Natural Green movie recording


The WB650 supports up to 1280×720 (30fps) H.264 format MP4 movie recording. The supported resolutions are 1280×720(HQ), 1280X720, 640X480, and 320X240. In 320×240, 60fps movie recording is supported. The limit of recording time is 20 minutes.


Voice recording setting menu

While recording, optical zoom can be used, but the lens operating sound is also a little recorded. If you don’t like the operating sound, you can select ‘Mute in zooming’.

It has a great movie quality as a digital camera. It can also has great noise reduction, so there was less color noise and with the OIS, even when zooming, users don’t need to worry about a blurry movie. However, there was some smear under strong light source like backlight.






For HD movie recording, White Balance, Smart Filter, and Photo Style can be used. They can be applied when Smart Scene Recognition doesn’t work. White Balance can be adjusted in all resolutions, while Smart Filter and Photo Style can only be set in 640×480 and below. Smart Filter and Photo Style cannot be used together.

OK button

While recording a move, by pushing OK button, users can pause the recording. While pausing, pushing OK button again after changing composition or shooting angle, the recording continues and it’s like edited by a computer. However, if focus isn’t set while recording, users have to wait until the camera sets the focus. In this situation, it’s easy to finish the recording mistakenly by pushing half shutter habitually. Users need to be cautious.


Smart Auto 2.0

Smart Auto automatically recognizes a scene and optimizes the shooting environment without special control. Because users can finish complicated camera settings by one shutter, it’s very good and convenient. This allows pleasure to both beginners and professionals.

Smart Auto



Upgraded Smart Auto 2.0 is installed in the WB650. Smart Auto 2.0 has 17 scene modes such as previous 16 modes with Firework. And it can also be applied for movie recording. When it comes to movie recording, it supports 4 scene mode such as Landscape, Blue sky, Natural green, and Sunset.


Especially, Smart Auto mode is really great in Backlight Portrait. In backlight, it was easy to take black subject pictures because of strong light. However, Taking with Smart Auto, through the face recognition function, the face becomes a reference point of exposure and through Beauty Shot, it becomes brighter, so users don’t need to worry about exposure and skin complexion. Just believe in Smart Auto and push the shutter.

Natural shots even with flash


Flash makes pictures weird? Smart Auto is different. Smart Auto flash keeps the colors of faces and if the light of background is bright, it also keeps the light. Skin flaws can be more easily exposed with flash, but don’t worry about it, because Beauty Shot is automatically activated when recognizing Macro Portrait.)


Smart Auto Flash P mode Slow Syncro flash

When it comes to Slow syncro in P mode, it takes more natural pictures as if flash is not applied, but increased ISO caused more noise than Smart Auto. However, if you don’t like pictures with flash, P mode Slow Syncro is a good answer.

Smart Filter for funny pictures

Smart Filter which can apply more fun to pictures and videos has been added to Samsung Digital Cameras since 2010. Depending on the series, the number of the effects is different. The WB650 has 4 smart filter effects such as Miniature with tilt&shift lens effect, Vignetting with toy camera feeling, and Fish eye 1 and 2.


Normal                                                   Miniature


Vignetting                                                  Fish-eye_1




Miniature effect makes overall saturation and contrast stronger and divides the screen into 3 part horizontally and except the center, it blurs other parts, so it looks like looking at a miniature world with a macro lens. Fish eye effect 1 and 2 makes the 24mm of the WB650 more dynamic.

Smart Filter works when Face Recognition and Smart Auto are off. When it comes to movie, it’s possible in 640×480 or lower without Smart movie. The below movie was recorded in Miniature effect. By suing slow recording and fast play, it reminds of interval recording.

Multi ThumbnailSmart Album sorts pictures by filename, date, color, and map, and allows users to find and watch the picture more easily. In play, up to 10x zoom is possible and by pushing OK button, it can be cut while it’s zoomed. When it comes to multi thumbnail, the more pictures are displayed on the screen, the slower the screen switch.



Photo Size change                                      Photo Style


Image Adjust                                                 Rotate


Smart Filter

Play menu has various editing functions including size change, rotation and Smart filter. Photoshop is not necessary with this. It can be checked in real time and easy to use.


Perfect Portrait System

Perfect Portrait System based on Face recognition function consists of Beauty Shot hiding imperfection of faces, Motion Timer taking shots when there’s no movement, Blink Detection taking one more shot if blink is detected, and Smile Shot. Let’s take a look at the magical Perfect Portrait System making people more beautiful.


The core of Perfect Portrait System, Face Recognition

Perfect Portrait System works based on Face Recognition which recognizes faces and sets the focus and exposure. Once a subject is recognized in the screen, the camera automatically sets the focus and exposure, so users don’t need to spend their time changing composition or setting exposure. Face Recognition can recognize up to 10 faces and under the priority, exposure and focus are adjustable.


Face Recognition OFF Face Recognition ON

Face Recognition can’t be selected if Smart Filter, Photo Style, or Image correction option is set. When using Smile Shot and Blink Detection, face recognition frame is displayed in orange and the closer the distance between the camera and subject, the faster the face recognition is.


Professional of Portrait Shot, Beauty Shot


▲Before Tone and Brightness Level 1▲

▼Tone and Brightness Level 2 Tone and Brightness Level 2▼


Beauty Shot correcting skin tone and brightness at the same time is a useful function to make people free from retouching. The correction is made only for parts of pictures, so the overall detail will not be degraded. Skin tone and brightness can be adjusted to 3 levels and I recommend level 1 for skin tone and brightness, if you want the most natural pictures. There was more effects for less contrast faces compared to more contrast faces.

clip_image045People are more beautiful than flowers, because people have a smile, I think. Smile Shot automatically takes an amazing shot when it recognizes smile. Face Recognition works basically, so users just need to look at the camera and smile without worrying about focus or exposure. It recognizes big smile well, so let’s show our teeth to the lens. But not too much if there are some people watching you.

Motion Timer

Motion Timer automatically takes shots when the movement of the subject stops. Users need to be shown up in front of the lens in 6 sec to make the camera recognize your movement and when the movement is detected, the self timer lamp flickers frequently. When the movement stops, it automatically takes a shot. It only detects movement in 3m and if the movement is too weak or in backlight, the success rate decreases.

Blink Detection

When taking shots and a person blinks, the system detects it and takes one more shot to reduce the blinking pictures.


Blink Detection Face re-shooting

Self Guide

Shoot and see, shoot and see, shoot and see again….Forget the trial and error to get a pleasing self shot. Now it supports Self Guide. Self Guide helps users take self shots by activating beep sound when the face is located in the center. The closer the face is, the more frequent the sound.

Smart Face Recognition

Smart Face Recognition is smarter than Face Recognition. When saving a face through My Star, The face recognition frame of the person is only displayed with a star on the left. And when the person is taken with other people, the face has a priority for focus and exposure.


Quality and Color


1/2.3” 12M pixels sensor

The WB650 has 1/2.3” 12M pixels CCD and can take maximum 4000×3000 resolution pictures. It has great sharpness in whole area when it comes to the quality of central part, but the surrounding quality is not that great.


A                             B                          C


max. wide




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