WCIC Final TEN in Seoul

WCIC, The World Creative Imaging Competition, finally announced ten ‘creative’ students from different countries, China, France, Germany, Korea, the U.K and the U.S.

Samsung Electronics.Ltd has opened the WCIC for art school students in the world, and students were supposed to submit three images which represent a ‘Creative Moment’ and a video clip describing him/herself with the NX10 and three lenses.
And Samsung held the final event for them, named ‘WCIC Final in Seoul’ at Samsung d’light April 28th. The final 10 winners were chosen by a combination of public online voting and expert evaluation.

Six students of them are the competitors who got the highest score from each country. And three students are the top 3 except the highest score students. The other student is fan’s favorite photographer who has the most supporters.
The students flied to Seoul, Korea to attend ‘WCIC Final in Seoul’. First, they had a tour of Samsung d’light Digital Lounge with staff. On the ground floor, there was a main event ‘WCIC award’.
Song Ying, the winner from China, said “Samsung NX10 is light and easy to take that it’s a perfect camera to describe my creativity wherever I am”
After the event, the attendees had a time to see the pictures of students on the Global Gallery. Students explained and had an interview about their work.
WCIC shows that camera is not just a ‘tool’ taking pictures, but camera can be used as a ‘creative tool’ making stories” said Sangjin Park, Samsung Electronic.Ltd’s president of the digital imaging business. “We will support various global campaigns with NX10 for development of culture and art.”
Those 10 winners have their work put on display at a prestigious art gallery in Beijing, China.

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