[Special Review] Samsung NX10


Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera


Blue Ocean, Mirroless interchangeable lens camera

Digital camera market has been divided into DSLR, High-end, and compact camera markets for a long time. However, a new wave has been started lately in this market. It’s because of mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras have all of the quality of DSLRs, mobility of compact cameras, and casual functions. Until now, there have been a few manufacturers in the market. However, I’m expecting it’s going to take its position with its powerful concept. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be Blue Ocean, Recently released Samsung NX10 after long waiting is the only camera having the APS-C sensor in the present.



Size difference of APS-C type snsor

The reason people focus on mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras is their mobility and the image quality of DSLR. Its simplified design could make it possible. Mirror box and pentaprism have been taken out in the NX10. And it could reduce the space between lens mount and sensor and lower the height. Olympus Pen and Panasonic GH1 also have the same design concept. However, the Samsung NX10 has a different image sensor. The NX1 is the first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera having the APS-C type sensor. The image sensor installed in the NX10 has been developed by Samsung and it is an advanced image sensor of what was installed in the GX10. It has 23.4 x 15.6mm of size and much larger than 17.3 x 13.0mm of sensor installed in Micro Four Third 17.3 x 13.0mm.



Small, Light, and Slim DSLR style

The design of the NX10 is from the previous style. It’s a traditional DSLR. The design is not completely suitable to the new concept of this camera. However, the size and weight have been drastically reduced. It focuses rather on the practical use than visual. The body is made of a strengthened plastic, not a metal, so its durability is a little worse than a metal body, but the weight became lighter. On top of that, the smooth feeling of the body is not as changeable as the cold metal body. Rubber grip part is the outstanding part of the design of the NX10. It’s not that wide, but has considered the length and the size of fingers. Because fingers can be put on smoothly, users can feel the great grip, even if putting on a small part of the body. The upper body without edges also gives more smooth impression.



AMOLED and Electronic Viewfinder

On the back of the body, 610K 3” AMOLED has been installed. The self illuminating AMOLED has great color reproduction, quick response, and contrast ratio. It’s way better than LCD which backlight unit is needed. It also has wide viewing angle, so users can see the screen from any angles. The size and weight of AMOLED is only 1/3 compared to TFT-LCD and that made the small size of the NX10. The NX10 also supports 920K pixels electronic viewfinder. It’s a part of the body and right below, the eye sensor is located. Putting your eye on it, it changes to viewfinder mode. The resolution is not as great as AMOLED, but useful, because it has all the shooting information. The control interface between the upper and the back sides is not bad, except the menu button located on the left top of the back side. When selecting a menu, it was a little inconvenient, because the edge of the AMOLED a little blocked my thumb.


Easy control horizontal GUI


Simple setting by Fn button


Own NX10 lens lineup

3 lenses of the NX10 have also been released together with the NX10. According to the smaller body, new lens mount has also been made, but it’s not compatible with previous lenses. However, the new lineup was inevitable considering the combination of the new lens and body. Certainly, there’s Samsung’s intention for the new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera market. The lenses are 30mm F2.0 single pancake, 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OIS, and 50-200mm F4-5.6 OIS. In the 2 zoom lenses, image stabilization function has been included. Both 2 lenses have rather high F value, but with IS function, those lenses can be used under the low light condition. 30mm F2.0 lens is a pancake type, and slim and light. It will appeal to users who enjoy snap shots and women users.


Contrast AF system

It supports Contrast AF as a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Contrast AF is slower than phased based AF, but it’s comparably higher than most of the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. The size and location of the focusing point can easily be changed. When needing detailed AF, it can accurately set the focus on subjects. The accuracy of the AF is good under the low light condition. With a little light, there’s no problem to set the focus without assist light. Especially, by upgrading firmware, the AF performance of the 180-55mm F3.6-5.6 OIS lens has been advanced a lot. It sometimes failed, but not much. Face Recognition recognizing up to 10 faces and Self Guide AF can also be used. Convenient portrait shot modes as great as Perfect Portrait System including Beauty shot in dial mode are supported. It’s better than previous DSLR cameras in convenience.


The NX10 supports relative high speed AF.



Smart Auto and Smart Range

Smart Auto which has been included in Samsung compact digital cameras can also be used. From the mode dial located on the top of the camera, it can be selected. Once Smart Auto is activated, the icon is shown up on the lower part of the display. Setting the focus, the color of the icons changes depending on the appropriate mode. More detailed settings can be set in Portrait, Backlight, Landscape, and Macro. Because its recognition rage is rather higher, it’s great for users who are accustomed to compact digital cameras. Smart Range is good for the situation having big difference in exposure like backlight. It’s more effective in bright parts than dark parts. In Smart Range, ISO is fixed to 200.


Smart Auto for various situations.



720 HD quality video recording

The NX10 supports 1280×720 30fps HD quality movie recording, even though it’s not full HD. MPEG4 format in progressive type allows vivid quality movies. Through H.264 codec having higher compression rate, its memory can be efficiently used. Thanks to the large APS-C type image sensor, users can expect better quality movies than camcorders in depth and details. While recording, picture wizard, fader, and wind noise elimination can be used. Moreover, users can move the focus while recording by using Depth preview button on the front of the body and the AF mode has to be set as Continuous AF. Pushing it once, it continuously set the AF. The speed of the AF is good, but not that much compared to other cameras in the competition. It’s useful in low depth when moving the focus. But Face Recognition AF is not supported and OIS depends on the lens.



HD quality movie can be recorded


SAMPLE (It’s linked to the original.)







El photo’s NX10



[Sad and Beautiful] El Photo’s ‘Zoo’


I just bought the first camera in order to take the exhibition pictures of my friend. I learned to take pictures by myself, and didn’t take any lecture or something. I started taking pictures of zoo from 3 years ago and recently have worked with multiple exposure a lot. There’s Aura series with the theme of flower and Critical City series with the theme of city. I started working with Nikon D70 and now with the Samsung GX10 with 18-55mm and 50-200mm zoom lenses. I’ve been satisfied with the GX10 while using it for multiple exposure. Even though there are a lot of noises, it has great quality and good to use it.




After getting the NX10, I was thinking of how to use it. And I selected the most comfortable theme for me. It’s zoo series that I gave up after 2 years of shooting, because there had been no new feelings. Considering my style, zoo is a snap shot type, and the NX10 is also suitable for snap shot, because it’s small and light. To be honest, I tried to use it for multiple exposure, but sadly, the camera didn’t have such function.




A lot of animals in a zoo live in tropical areas, so most of them stay indoors in winder. Therefore, more pictures are taken inside than outdoors. Due to the poor light condition such as low light, untransparent windows, reflected light, and bars, it’s difficult to take shots. However, is this poor condition better to test the camera?


No matter how we consider them, they are not that happy, if they are not where they have to be. When looking at the eyes of giraffe, it reminds me of the story by German professor. “When I look into the eyes of animals, I feel sorrow in their eyes. They saying like ‘We(Animals) were together (Humans) , but you’ve gone too far now.



It was raining when I got to a zoo to take pictures. I intended to take little different shots from other typical shots. However, due to the rainy day and old place, the results were too dark and heavy. On the other hand, zoo is good, because they always allow us to take different shots, I think.


Sometimes, I was surprised at a scene I didn’t expect to see. During rainy or winter season with less people in a zoo, animals come to me with more caution. Someday In winter, a sleeping leopard woke up and showed some interest to me. It kept looking at me taking shots and when it couldn’t see me anymore, it put its head up and looked at me. In a picture taken at the moment, its eyes were shiny.



I used to be surprised at animals, because of this. Among giraffes, one of them moved to one side and all of them looked at the same direction. It looked weird to me and took a shot at the moment. Later, I found out there was a sick giraffe segregated.



In a zoo, brand new technology of cameras is not that important. Picture with wrong focus or noise might be better to see and too dark or too bright pictures also leave a good feeling. Of course, good AF and less noise allow us more freedom of expression.


The shooting condition inside the zoo wasn’t that good. Even with a DSLR camera, sometimes it failed to get a focus. In this situation, MF is better to set a focus, so a DSLR with live view or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is better than optical view finder. But when it comes to live view, due to increasing noise, it used to be difficult to find out if the focus was correct or not.



The most outstanding feature of Mirrorless interchangeable lens is that there’s no mirror and it causes less shock by a mirror.




It shows great detail in low ISO, but I didn’t like noise in dark part. While in high ISO, it had less noise, but low details. However, compared to previous modes, it’s quite great, so I like it. And there’s no weakness I’ve found in the lens performance. The problem line in the left side caused by firmware update or noise in low ISO has been solved, I think.




Samsung RAW Conveter3

Most of the pictures used in the review were taken in RAW file and they have been converted to JPEG by RAW file converter (SRC3). The SRC3 is a program based on Silkypix famous as an RAW file correction program and I already used the SRC2. Therefore, there was no difficulty to use it. It provides strong correction functions without influencing the original like Lightroom from ADOBE and intuitive white balance control and highlight recovery function are the strength. It has the closest colors to Samsung camera, so for the most similar color feeling of the original pictures, the SRC3 is the most appropriate. At present, it’s the only program recognizing the NX10 and there’s not much difference from the previous version SRC2.




While using the SRC3, unexpected program stop of the program was the biggest problem. It used to happen in the SRC2, and it’s the same in the SRC3. Now I’m using both SRC3 for color adjustment and Lightroom for file management. I hope this would be upgraded later as a Samsung user.



My first impression on the NX10 is that it wasn’t that small. With the 18-55mm zoom lens installed, it’s more. However, compared to other previous DSLR cameras, it was much smaller. It can be hung on a neck and especially with the 30mm pancake lens, the mobility was much better. And design. I didn’t like it before I saw it. However when holding it, it was different. The great grip in my hand was great enough to put my prejudice for the design away.


However, I hope various design lineups will be created later. There were also some more weaknesses like a little slow change between pages and the lack of additional functions such as multi exposure, and panorama.

But other things like accuracy and speed of AF were already been solved by firmware upgrade, so there was no inconvenient to use it. The NX10 had the strong points of mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. It’s a successful camera and great for not only beginners, but also intermediate users.





Yoo Ji’s NX10


Some traveler called himself as “Traveling person”

Because I like that, I called myself “Photographing person”.

I’m taking, feeling, and being happier with photos. I’m Photographing person


“Photographing person”



I don’t know when, but from someday, I watched life through pictures. Therefore, friends have been more precious, and life has become new to me. After breaking up, I used to take shots of my sorrow and wanted to show the identity of high school students through photos. I still want to study photos, and take small, but meaningful shots through the pictures in the life rather than academic pictures.


I always carried a P&S file camera, but due to the limit of expression, I wasn’t fully satisfied with photos, and my DSLR was too big to carry around. That’s why I was considering buying a new bag to carry the DSLR. At that moment, I met the NX10. When I saw the NX10 first, I liked the cute, but firm body, and the compact size fit in my small bag.


At the first day of the NX10, I met my friends in a small café filled with a low red light, mirror ball in the dark spot, and great music. In this pace, I thought I could talk about anything easily.



Memory of first love

Today’s theme is love

By looking at the poster “First Love’ and scribbling, we started talking about our first love.

My sister started with ‘When was it? It was too old to remind of it now, but I will remember the feeling forever.’ Her story was so ardent as much as her age, so while listening, it was like biting a crossasnt.





Space taken by a person or object. But it also means a trace after some change in a person or object.



“Love leaves a trace”

Love leaves an extremely big space that other love can get in, and after the love, it leaves an extremely huge trace that can’t be filled with anything. It’s so firm that can’t be recovered. That’s why people never forget the love.




While listening to the story of my sister, one of my friends in early 20s imagined something fun. It was interesting stories made by youth.



A prince must have belief to meet the owner of the shoes. He didn’t know the address, name, or anything. But he couldn’t control his mind, because he fell in love. Then, he was looking for her with her glass shoes. He was also looking for someone who fit in him, even if it was fragile like a glass shoes. He must have wanted to meet her sincerely.




We feel that “I’m getting older now!’, not when we found some winkles on our face or got easily tired. It’s when we deny real love. It’s when I found myself can’t love someone due to worrying about breaking up.



When I’m confused, I used to push it up. For me, the past only means hurts. I can’t hide or forget it. I just keep it in my mind. It will cause more pain to me someday, but all I can do right now is just to keep it and try to move on by trying to forget his cell phone number.




No answer for anyone

Love is what you feel and comes to you. While I spent my time talking about love, it has already gone.




Memory of the NX10

On the way home, when looking at pictures in the camera, I was surprised. At first, the amazing quality in the AMOLED. This vivid and clean quality will be great enough for me. Also the quality in the computer monitor was not bad. Sharpness and quality in dark part were also very good. I took pictures in ISO 3200, because light wasn’t enough. I wanted to the camera status in a bad situation. Of course in ISO 3200, there was a lot of noise. However, I thought the noise didn’t disturb the photo. This noise in a low light condition was acceptable to me.

But because it has Contrast AF, compared to phase based AF, the AF speed was a little slower. However, in a big contrast difference, it could set the AF regardless of intensity of light.




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