NX10 received 5 star from French online magazine!

NX10 did it again!

Samsung’s interchangeable lens camera NX10 received 5 star from famous French online magazine, lesnumeriques.com.

lesnumeriques.com’ was founded in Paris in 2004 and was one of the very first online magazines dedicated to testing consumer electronics products with about 130 thousand visitors every month, and total number of visitors is over 5 million in April, 2010. In 2009, an increasing number of people read the magazine, up 44% from the previous year. All the reviews are available in English as well at its sister site, www.digitalversus.com.

The site publishes daily a wide range of tests and comparisons, GPS to huge LCD TVs, via digital photography, and the results from tests performed by lesnumeriques.com’s laboratory. They provide reliable information to readers, so that readers can make an informed choice and buy the right product.

Les Numeriques
has evaluated NX10 with 4 items such as Handling, Responsiveness, Image Quality, and Video. NX10 has got 4 star from each section, and finally received 5 star for total score.

According to Les Numeriques, NX10 has fast autofocus in good lighting conditions and its AMOLED screen represents a real alternative. They especially praise NX10’s great quality photos even up to 800 ISO.

“The NX10 is very flat with a pancake lens attached and is great to use: it’s fast, with good quality photos and perfectly presentable video.” the magazine said. “For a first attempt, the NX10 is certainly pretty successful.”

To see the full article(English), please click here.



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