ST5500(CL80)/ST5000(TL240), and U- series’ micro site open.

Samsung Digital Imaging has opened ST5500(CL80)/ST5000(TL240)’s micro site and U20/U10’s one.

The ST5500(CL80)/ST5000(TL240)’s micro site provides not only products’ information but also its Story. On the ST5500(CL80)/ST5000(TL240)’s site, users can ‘follow the codes’ with a man, and complete mission to know more about ST5500(CL80) and ST5000(TL240).

ST5500(CL80) and ST5000(TL240) are hydro-formed cameras providing smart functions such as Smart Gesture UI, Dual Image Stabilization, Smart Auto 2.0 (Still & Movie) and Smart Filter.

Especially ST5500(CL80) features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 which are DLNA(Digital Living Network Alliance) compliant and can be used to display images on networked media players and HDTVs.


And there is another micro site for compact camcorders, U10 and U20. U10 and U20 are full HD compact cameras that enable users to take high resolution Full HD video with slim size.

Both site’s have Product Showroom and Photo Gallery that users can get useful information quickly and easily.

To visit ST5500(CL80)/ST5000(TL240)’s micro site, please click here.

And to visit U-series’ micro site, please click here.


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