Clay House 13. The Ugly Duckling

Today’s clay is about The Ugly Ducking. This character is familiar to not only kids, but also adults

I reinterpreted the ugly duckling from my view. After finishing drawing, I was eager to see the result of work.

The little duck is going fishing. He looks not ugly anymore. Does he?

I’m satisfied with today’s clay and feel so great. 😉

Duck, he isn’t ugly anymore. 🙂

* Material: Jovi Clay, made in Spain

* Time required: 8hrs

* Heights: 22cm

# Sketch

칼라클레이만들기 미운 오리새끼 금성출판사 푸르넷 (4).wmv_000002033

칼라클레이만들기 미운 오리새끼 금성출판사 푸르넷 (4).wmv_000063433

# Mr. Duck

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