Super zoom goes wild and more wider



Go Wider, More Closer

24mm wide angle with 15x super power zoom lens.

Wider and closer shooting is available.

The WB600(HZ30W) can cover every scene from landscape to more detailed pictures,

so it allows more creative for users.


Take Control Seize the moment

Because Aperture priority, Shutter Speed priority, and full manual mode are supported, users can take what they intend to take, so more various expressions can be applied to the pictures.


No more Shaked Images.

By supporting Dual IS which is OIS and DIS, users can take more clean shots without hand blur.


HD Movie on Your Hands.

720p HD videos in 30 fps with H.264 format can be recoded and through HDMI output, users can enjoy pictures and videos on the large screen.


Make photo Unique & Smart

3 types of lens filter functions are included. Miniature, Vigenetting, and Fish eye lens can be enjoyed.


Advanced Smart Auto 2.0

allows users to enjoy more smart functions of the WB600 in pictures and videos.


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