More Performance Samsung WB650(HZ35W), WB600(HZ30W)

Samsung Digital Imaging has provided the author of this article with the mentioned digital imaging device.

There’s a word ‘Wannabe’. Compact digital cameras users might be DSLR wannabe. That’s why Samsung have released high end WB series cameras having similar specification to DSLR cameras, and this year, the WB650(HZ35W) and WB600(HZ30W) are them.



The WB650(HZ35W) and WB600(HZ30W) have 24mm ultra wide Schneider lens in 200g of weight and 106.6 X 60.5 X 28mm of size. It supports great performance and ultra wide angle in a compact size.



Samsung have released the WB650(HZ35W) and WB600(HZ30W) together. Looking at the difference, the WB650(HZ35W) has GPS and AMOLED, and other specifications are almost the same.

The WB650(HZ35W) and WB600(HZ30W) have 24mm ultra wide angle with 15x optical zoom in 200g of body. They have 14.2M pixels image sensor and 24mm ultra wide angle lens with 15x optical zoom. They have 24-360mm of focal length is 24-360mm and F3.2~5.8 meaning it covers almost the same range as DSLR lenses and by using it, it supports Aperture/Shutter/Manual mode, HD movie recording, Smart Auto 2.0, and Smart Filter.


According to the range of the lens and the specification, pictures to take change and the Schneider lens on the WB650(HZ35W) and WB600(HZ30W) can take various pictures from indoor snap shots to landscape shots with its 24-360mm angle.


The display on the back is different. The WB650(HZ35W) has 610K pixels 3” AMOLED, while the WB600(HZ30W) has 3” intelligent LCD. Separate recording button on the back allows users to record a video easily and considering the trend of video recording of DSLR and hybrid cameras, this convenient function is great. For your information, the above video is a test video to check the maximum area in HD mode by using zooming.


Smart Filter of this product allows users to take creative and fun shooting and each filter actually gives more smooth feeling.


Smart Filter can also be applied for video recording with the WB650(HZ35W) and WB600(HZ30W) and by applying Smart Filter and Smart Recognition mode, more convenient and wonderful videos can be recorded.

But, using Miniature, Vignetting or Fish eye filter among Smart Filter, only 640 size videos can be recorded and the above video was recorded with Smart Recognition mode and Mimiature filter.



The WB650(HZ35W) and WB600(HZ30W) have advanced Smart Auto 2.0 and support Aperture/Shutter/Manual mode. It can be selected by setting the mode dial to A, S, or M. Users can check the difference with looking at the 3” AMOLED screen. Therefore, users can learn how to use these 3 modes before using DSLR cameras. That’s why I recommend this function.


As Digital Nomad, the WB650(HZ35W) has a special function which the WB600(HZ30W) doesn’t have It’s the GPS chipset. Taking pictures with activating the GPS function protected inside the plastic material on the aluminum body in order to raise the receiving rate, the location of the picture is displayed together.



The WB650(HZ35W) is the world’s first product having Map Viewer mode. Even though other product had GPS function before, it was linked to a certain web site by joining the web site, but when it comes to the WB650(HZ35W), through Map Viewer, it’s possible to check the location of the image anytime and anywhere.  When traveling overseas, by downloading the map of the country from the Samsung website, it will be a guide for you.


Compact digital cameras need to satisfy users by its convenience and mobility, so there’s some limit in the hardware specifications. In order to get over it, a lot of things have been being made through a PC. However, the WB650(HZ35W) and WB600(HZ30W) do these things with their own hardware having great performance and specifications. As a high performance digital camera, it’s like having a new key of a great sport car.











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