Easy to use – NX10 Depth of field test

How effective is NX10 in focusing on objects? As I am going to test the function of 30mm lens, let me share wit you how to test depth of field.


NX10 30mm lens


Frame size adjustment screen

As out-of-focusing test is based on minor differences, you need to first reduce the size of the focus frame. At shooting mode, press the ‘OK’ button on the hot key on the right hand side of the LCD to adjust the frame size.


Turn the wheel for adjustment the frame

Rotate the wheel to adjust to the smallest size. Use the arrow button to change the location of the focus. **Quick note! Remember that this function only works at P/S/A/M mode!

Adjust the size of the focus as seen above and shoot at appropriate distance.

*Depth of field test images


focus on 1st line


 2nd line


3rd line


4th line

Could you recognised them?

Getting clear focus is quite an evasive task with DSLR, but Samsung NX10 really does a great job at that! Out-of-focusing is one of the favorite shots of many as it most effectively describes the object I want to express. I applaud NX10 for its ability to capture objects in a very clear and acute way.


By NX10 30mm lens


NX10 30mm l 1/80s l F2.5 l ISO 100 manual WB


NX10 30mm l 1/45s l F2.0 l ISO 100  raw file

One more tip. Three conditions have to strike a balance for successful out-of-focusing: 1) close distance between the lens and the object; 2) long distance between the object and the background; and 3) smallest the diaphragm value. Change the diaphragm value and check out the difference in the images by yourself!


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