Tommy & Tiky:FAQ- Fisheye lens for Samsung camcorders

A clip posted on YouTube by teenager where the person recorded skating using fisheye lens was a big hit. Although this has been around for some time, many users are still wandering around the web space looking for the best fisheye for their lens as new products are launched day in and day out. And Tiky decided to share collective information to be of some help. I hope this helps all of you Samsung users out there!

faq_1 I first came to know about skater video when a friend of mine, SBishop357, sent me a message.(Thanks, again! Sbishop357!) He said that he found SC-HMX10 a good choice to record skating.

Then, what fisheye lens have Samsung camcorder users installed? Although I cannot cover every single product of Samsung, I tried to collect as much information as possible.

Samsung Camcorder Filter diameter

– SC-HMX20C : 49mm

– SC-MX20 : 30mm

– SMX-K45/K44/K40 : 39mm

– SMX-F34/F33/F30 : 30mm

– HMX-H100/H200 : 37mm

– HMX-H106 : 37mm

Above is a list of the filter size of different Samsung products. You can select the fisheye according to the filter size. 30mm or 37mm is the most common size used by users. And below is the actual list of fisheye used by users.

– SC-MX20: Opteka 0.43x Fisheye /  Raynox-QC 303 wide angle fisheye

– SMX-F30: Raynox QC-303

– SMX-F34: Opteka 0.43x HD2 super fisheye lens

– SMX-F33s: Opteka fisheye 0.3x lens

– HMX-H100: Opteka Platinum Series 37mm 0.3X HD Ultra Fisheye / Opteka 0.43x HD² Full Fisheye Lens for 37mm Digital Camcorders /Opteka 0.3x Fisheye and Long Lens

413fclPY3RL._SS400_ <Opteka 0.43x HD² Full Fisheye Lens for 30.5mm Digital Camcorders>

* Origin image By Google.

Above is the product most popular among users. For a description on how to install and use to record video, please follow the below link.

*Youtube ID : emilskater

* You can also check out clips from other users at Samsungimaging Youtube Channel Group “BY Fish eye lens”. Link:

Some of the recent Samsung products come with a fisheye lens. WB650(HZ35W) for example, provides miniature, vignetting, fisheye filters, adding more fun to the camera experience.

I hope this posting helps users find the right fisheye lens for them. If you happen to have more information on fisheye lens, please leave a comment! It will help the users tremendously!


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