Model name






Storage Media



Comfortable wrist!

Active Angle Lens

Convenient Smart Sharing

-Built-in editing program (intelli-studio 2.0)

The built-in Intelli Studio can easily be used by just connecting the body to a PC via USB without installing any software.

Videos can also be uploaded on YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook directly, so it’s very simple and easy to share and create UCC.

-One touch sharing

By pushing U button on the body, users can upload videos on YouTube.

High quality recording

By adopting H.264/AVC which has the best compression rate, it allows more recording time in better video quality than other camcorders.

High compression rate H.264 codec

Up to 160 minutes of recording


More convenient camcorder!

Smart Innovation


-Finally, Smart Auto in Camcorders

Smart Auto automatically adjusting it to optimized setting by analyzing the environment has finally been applied to a camcorder.


-1600×1200 high resolution picture shooting!


-Compressing time! Interval Recording

Interval recording means recording still images at a specific interval and compressing them. It’s useful for movement of clouds, flower blooming, from sunrise to sunset, and sky like a documentary film.

-Simple charge through USB!

By connecting via USB, battery can be recharged and it’s more conveinet.


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