Another dual LCD camera, Samsung PL150

Samsung Digital Imaging has provided the author of this review with the mentioned digital imaging device.
Another dual LCD camera, Samsung PL150
Camera filled with necessary functionsclip_image001

It’s fun to take pictures in life. There are people who don’t need to chase something cute, pretty, or unique. They just like to take their baby, pet, friend, or girl friend. They even enjoy taking landscape and editing it.
Following the ST550(TL225), Samsung( has released another dual LCD camera PL150. It consists of simple and necessary functions, but it’s good enough to take shots. It also means a lot as another dual LCD camera. Let’s take a look at the main functions of the PL150.

Crystal Design and 7 degree slant
By adopting dual injection and making more wondrous feeing, crystal TOC (Touch Of Color) design has also been applied to the PL150. Thin transparent material in opaque dark red crystal makes the design more elegant. Vivid red color following the left edge makes the body more abundant.
For self shot, the upper and the lower side of the body has tilted in 7 degree. By holding the front of the upper side and the back of the lower side, users can set the handsome angle.


Various Self Shot, Dual LCD
The 1.5” front LCD plays various roles. It shows countdown information before taking shots, funny animation to get an attention of children, and the main LCD screen to help self shots. Lover shot automatically shots when 2 people are leaning on each other. The success rate of the lover shot is as good as the face recognition of the PL150.

12.4M pixels resolution
The PL150(TL210) has 12.4M pxiels 3” LCD. It allows up to 4,000×3,000 pictures and they can be printed out on A1 size paper. Taking a text, small letter can be recognized. The resolution is good enough to print out and for normal snap shots. The visibility of the 4:3 ration 3” LCD is good enough to check pictures outdoors.

Smart Auto 2.0 automatically sets the camera to optimized setting among 17 different scene modes such as landscape, portrait, night scenery, moving subjects, etc., so everyone can take great pictures. Once setting the composition, you’d better wait a while to easily recognize the scene.
When recording a video, 4 different scenes (Landscape, Clear sky, Forested area, and Sunset) are automatically recognized. It becomes more convenient, because Smart Auto can be applied to not only for pictures, but also for videos,
More pleasure with Smart Filter

If pictures are too boring or moderate, by using Smart Filter, different effects such as Miniature, Vignetting (Lomo), and Fish eye. Giving miniature effect on a real building, it looks like a toy. After shooting, users can apply Smart Filter effects by using Intelli-Studio or Photoshop, but the real time effects provide different pleasure.

Smart Face Recognition and Jump Shop
Where are my lover and friend? The PL150(TL210) has a special ability to find my lover and friend and take a shot with focusing on their faces. Face Recognition recognizing all faces is useful, but Smart Auto recognizing registered faces is more useful.
It’s because we can’t tell others to step back to take the shot of my friend. Face Recognition of the PL150 worked relatively well, and when it was used with Beauty Shot, it was much more satisfactory.

Jump Shot helps users take people in pause in the air after jump easily. The front LCD shows countdown and takes 3 continuous shots to get the best one. Because it takes shots with high ISO and fast shutter speed to vividly capture the moment, it’s better to use outside on a sunny day.

Video is also recorded smartly
After introduction of the movie recorded by DSLRs, a video recording function has become an issue. It’s not easy to record a video for a long time with a DSLR or compact camera yet, but the PL150(TL210) helps users with it by Smart Movie automatically finding appropriate setting values.
4 different scene modes among Smart Auto which had been applied to only still images can be also applied to videos. Therefore, users can expect better quality of movies. 1280×720 is the biggest size and the quality is good.

Dual IS
Dual IS prevents hand blur more effectively. It reduce shake optically and then, corrects shake digitally. These 2 corrections take a little processing time, but allow users to get better image quality pictures.
Especially, when taking moving children and using zoom mode, it’s more effective. Dual IS can be used by Mode Dial.

Up to ISO 3200
The PL150 supports ISO from 80 to 3200. From ISO 80 to 400, there’s less noise, so users can use any value in this range. In ISO 800, noise has drastically increased, but by converting it to high resolution picture, it becomes a good picture for a web site.
Optical 5x zoom
The PL150(TL210) supports optical 5x zoom. Except low price modes, it’s similar to other compact digital cameras. It’s not easy to close up trees or mountains in a long distance, but it’s good enough to close up the faces of children in the play ground.

Anynet+ connecting the PL150 to TV
By using a TV remote controller, is it possible to flip pictures? You need a TV supporting Anynet+, but once connecting the PL150 to a TV via HDMI cable (Anynet+(CEC) cable), it’s possible.
There are various ways to enjoy pictures, but customers always want more convenient and fun ways. Anynet+ allows customers more convenient and interesting digital life by connecting devices together.
Easy picture management, Intelli-Studio
Convenient management is as important as taking pictures. Intelli-Studio provides convenience to find old pictures, apply special effects, upload on the Internet (Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube), and share pictures with friends.

By connecting the PL150(TL210) to a PC, users can use Intelli-Studio without installing anything. It’s more useful for those who feel difficulty of using computers. Intelli-Studio is great enough to store images of precious moments and memory









Another dual LCD camera, Samsung PL150
Camera filled with necessary functions

Samsung ST550(TL225) gave users new pleasure with new functions such as dual LCD, touch screen, and gesture and the PL150(TL210) gives another choice. The PL150(TL210) with its practical functions will be the camera making more fans of the dual LCD camera.
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