“Show Your Support” Giveaway Event!

Our giveaway event has officially started! Vote, share, support and win! It’s so easy!
This event is brought to you in part through Samsung Digital Imaging’s World Creative Imaging Competition (WCIC) which exhibits photos taken by the 120 young, talented people.
1. Event Period : From March 30th to April 11th (London Time)
2. How do I enter this contest?
a. Vote & Share!
Visit www.cr8yourworld.com. The website will show you two photos randomly. Vote for a preferred photo – 10 rounds in total – and you can share your favorited photos via Facebook, Twitter, Renren or e-mail. Or pick your favorite “Creative Moment” captured by the 120 young, talented people and share it on Facebook or your blogs.
b. Support!
Visit www.cr8yourworld.com, pick your favorite future artist and click the “show your support!” button.
3. How will the 10 winners be selected?
People who select their favorite photo and share it on Facebook or blogs are eligible to win. In addition, people who are a supporter for one of the 120 young, talented people and have already been a supporter on the microsite are also eligible to win. Winners will be selected on a random basis. Good luck!
4. Prizes
One NX10 full set, one NX10 bundle set, four ST550 cameras and four PL150 cameras! Vote, share, support and grab the fortune!
Join now!>>http://www.cr8yourworld.com

[“Show Your Support” Event Terms and Conditions]
* Available in six other languages: French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Korean
Event Terms and Conditions
1. By entering a competition, entrants accept these terms and conditions together with any specific instructions as any electronic messages or any other forms of communication to entrants (“event information”). Such event information shall prevail in the event of there being any inconsistency between these competition terms and conditions and event information.
2. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.
3. This competition is presented by Cheil Worldwide is open to anyone with a Facebook account who is at least 18 years of age. Employees and family members of Cheil and/or its affiliated companies are not eligible to win.
4. Ten winners to be randomly selected will receive a prize. Upon the proof of ownership of the said mailing address, the prize will be shipped directly to an each resident of the winners. The prize will be decided at the discretion of Cheil Worldwide.
5. Supporting, Voting and Sharing of Images
Entrants can get a chance to obtain a prize by either voting for their favorite photos among ones randomly selected and shown on the microsite (http://www.cr8yourworld.com), sharing their favorite ones on Facebook / blogs or being a supporter for their favorite ones during the event which starts on March 30 and ends on April 11. People who have been a supporter already on the microsite are automatically eligible to win. All participation activities will be reviewed and we reserve the right to disqualify any selections that is believed to be inappropriate.
6. Winners will be announced on April 20 on our microsite or Facebook Fan page (www.facebook.com/samsungnx). It’s the responsibility of each participant to check if she / he has won.
7. Entrants’ personal details will be used for the purpose of this event only by Cheil and Samsung strictly in accordance with their privacy policy.
8. Neither Cheil Worldwide nor its affiliated companies shall have any liability for (i) any technical failures of any kind, including, but not limited to malfunctions, interruptions or disconnections in phone lines or network hardware of software; (ii) technical or human error which may occur in the administration of the competition; (iii) any malfunction of or damage to the prizes; or (iv) any restrictions or delays imposed by any customs authorities or any import or other taxes of any kind imposed by any taxation authority in respect to the prizes.
9. Participation and receipt of benefits from the competition may have tax consequences. Should there be any tax liability for participation in the competition or the receipt of a prize, or costs or expenses relating to participation in the competition or for any other reasons, such taxes and/or expenses are the sole responsibility of the participant.
10. Cheil Worldwide and its affiliated companies reserve the rights to amend these terms and conditions without any prior notice.

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