Easy to use NX10 – How familiar are you with the hot keys of NX10?

If you purchase a camera that is totally different from the existing one, what is the first thing you do? For example, you had been using a compact camera, but now you bought a interchangeable lens camera. Needless to say, you will need to learn the key features of the camera and how to use them. I am reminded of an expert who advised to read the manual back to back three times if you wanted to create a nice work – a really practical advice for a novice like me. I wonder if you’ve read over the manual three times?
As a starter, let me share with you how to do white balancing with NX10. It’s simple!
WB_01 White balance


Custom set > Apply ‘Fn’ button for adjust WB


This is original way to adjust the WB.
NX10 comes with a one-touch dial on its body to manipulate WB/ISO, saving us the burden of having to go into the menu to adjust the white balance. If you go into User Setting 1 under Menu, the screen will show button setting function as below. Change the “Depth-of-field preview button” to one-touch white balance.
*Direction: Menu>User setting>key mapping> apply one-touch white balance
WB_03 User setting > Key mapping


Preview > one touch WB


Apply the one touch WB


Press the circle button at shooting mode, and then the shutter. That’s it! Isn’t it simple?
WB_07press the shutter to measure WB.
*WB image comparison
Before measure the WB 1


After measure the WB 1


Before measure the WB 2


After measure the WB 2


You no longer have to go through a complicated process to adjust WB! With one touch, you can quickly capture the color of the object. In the next posting, I will go over how to adjust depth-of-field using 30mm lens. Until then, bye bye!
WB_compare6[NX10 1/125s l 6.7f l ISO400 l 0.00EV l Manual WB l 18mm]


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