10.000 Follower Giveaway – The Winner

On March 4, almost a month ago, we were able to achieve the 10,000 follower mark on Twitter, thanks to you guys.
In order to show you, that we truly appreciate the love and support of all our followers, we organized a sweepstakes on our Twitter, featuring prizes such as the brand-new Samsung NX10, Samsung SMX-C20 and the Samsung PL150.
And to be honest, we were astonished by the numbers of participants and voters. But foremost, the quality of all submissions were that high, that we had a hard time picking 10 finalist. Anyhow, today, we closed the official poll, and we present the winners of our event!
The winners are:
1st place. A total of 23% users (266 Votes) voted this picture.
21% of the votes (241 Votes) helped this photo to rank second.
18% (202 Votes) thought that this photo deserves to win the Samsung NX10, but still, the Samsung PL150 for the third place is great, as well!
Total Votes: 1,114
Congratulations to all winners!
We will notify each of them via direct message on Twitter.
All prizes will be proceeded under the law-regulations of the respective states/countries
Last, but not least, we would also thank everyone, once again, for their endless love! We’re truly honored to have you as our readers, users and friends.
Thank you,

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