ABC news introduced interchangeable lens camera NX10


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10개의 답글 to “ABC news introduced interchangeable lens camera NX10”

  1. Lee Ye Young Says:

    I was waiting for this camera. I like the fitur of the camera. This samsung Nx 10,with small size, easy weight,and the ability to change the lense with the great quality when we want to take the picture.

  2. maple Says:

    NX 10 is easy to carry… Also i like it… Bcoz of the reputation of the samsung.

  3. william Says:

    It is obvious that the NX10 camera has better contrast..much better..

    Whatever i take,any of shots can see the details..

  4. mya Says:

    This is a great camera… I’ve been waiting for this type of camera from Samsung and it’s finally here! Great!!

  5. terressa Says:

    I love it.. I always bring this camera whenever i go!!

  6. Jen leong Says:

    Im planning to buy this camera.. I think NX10 will give me full satisfaction..

  7. angelina Says:

    Interchangeable lens?? so intersting!

  8. audry Says:

    NX1o is able to increase the visible detail in both shadow and highlight areas. Good!

  9. teressa Says:

    NICE features… i’m so interested with this… good looking too.

  10. chung Says:

    Great! Nice features and nice design..

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