74mm F3.9 1/90s ISO80       27mm F3.5 1/250s ISO80       27mm F3.5 1/125s ISO80

74mm F3.9 1/125s ISO80       86mm F4.3 1/60s ISO80       86mm F4.2 1/125s ISO80

44mm F4.5 1/250s ISO80     117mm F5.4 1/45s ISO200     27mm F3.5 1/180s ISO80


Image Sensor


1/2.33″ (appox 7.79mm) CCD

Effective Pixel

Approx. 12.4 Mega-pixel

Total Pixel

Approx. 12.7 Mega-pixel


Focal Length

Samsung Lens f = 4.9 ~ 24.5mm (35mm film equivalent : 27~135mm)

F No.

F3.5(W) ~ F5.9(T)

Digital Zoom

Still Image mode : 1.0X ~5.0X
Play mode : 1.0X ~ 12.5X (depends on image size)

Image Stabilization

Dual IS (OIS + DIS)
* OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), DIS (Digital Image Stabilization)





Main Display :3.0″” (7.6cm) QVGA(230K)
Front Display : 1.5″”(3.8cm) 61K TFT LCD





TTL auto focus(Multi AF, Center AF, Face Detection AF,Object Tracking AF, Smart Face Recognition AF)


Normal : 80cm ~ infinity, 1m ~ Infinity (Tele)
Macro : 5cm ~ 80cm (Wide), 1m ~ 1.5m (Tele)
Auto Macro : 5cm ~ Infinity (Wide), 1m ~ Infinity (Tele)

Shutter Speed

Auto : 1/8 ~ 1/2000 sec., Program : 1 ~ 1/2000 sec.,
Night : 8 ~ 1/2,000 sec., Fireworks : 2 sec.



Program AE


Multi, Spot, Center Weighted, Face Detection AE


±2EV (1/3EV steps)

ISO Equivalent

Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200



Auto, Auto & Red-eye reduction, Fill-in flash, Slow sync, Flash off, Red eye fix


Wide : 0.2m ~ 3.4m, Tele : 0.5m ~ 2.0m , (ISO AUTO)

Recharging Time

Approx. 4 sec.


Soft+, Soft, Normal, Vivid, Vivid+

White Balance

Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent_H, Fluorescent_L, Tungsten, Custom

Still Image


Mode : Smart Auto, Auto, Program,Dual IS, Beauty, Night, Scene, Movie (menu -smart detection: Smart Movie), Front LCD(Hot Key)
* Front LCD (hot Key) : Self Portrait, Children mode, Couple shot, Off
* Smart Auto
Portrait, Night Portrait, Backlight Portrait, Macro Portrait, Night, Backlight, Landscape, White,
NaturalGreen, BlueSky, Sunset, Macro, Macro Text, Macro Color, Tripod, Action, Fireworks
*Smart Movie
: Landscape, BlueSky, NaturalGreen, Sunset
: Frame Guide, Portrait,Landscape,Close up Text, Sunset, Dawn, Back Light,
Fireworks, Beach&Snow


Photo Style Selector : Normal, Soft, Vivid, Forest, Retro, Cool, Calm, Classic, Negative, Custom RGB, DeFog, Sketch Effect
Smart Filter: Miniature, Vignetting, Fish Eye1, Fish Eye2
Image Adjust : Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation


Self-timer : 2 sec., 10 sec., Double (10 sec., 2 sec.), Jump shot
*Front LCD will be turned on when selecting Self timer
*Quick View will be displayed until inputing any key.

Image Play

Image Edit : Resize, Rotate, Trimming
Photo Style Selector : Normal, Soft, Vivid, Forest, Retro, Cool, Calm, Classic, Negative, Custom RGB, DeFog, Sketch Effect
Smart Filter: Miniature, Vignetting, Fish Eye1, Fish Eye2
Image Adjust : Face Retouch, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Red Eye Fix, ACB,Add Noise
HDMI : 1080i, 720P, 480P

Voice Recording

Single image, Thumbnails,Smart Album, Advanced Slide show, Movie Clip
* Slide show : Slide show with Effect & Music
– Smart Album Category: Type, Date, Color, Week, Face
(External Memory card is needed for Sorting the photos by Face)

Date Imprinting

Date&Time, Date, Off (user selectable)

Movie Clip


With Audio or without Audio(Zoom Mute) (Max Recording time : 20min)
Size : 1280×720(30/15fps) High Quality, 1280×720(30/15fps) Standard Quality,
640×480(30/15fps) , 320×240 (60/30/15 fps)
Zoom : Optical 5X
*Smart Auto Movie
: Landscape, BlueSky, NaturalGreen, Sunset
* Front LCD (hot Key) : Self Portrait, Children mode


Color Style : Normal, Soft, Vivid, Forest, Retro, Cool, Calm, Classic, Negative, Custom
Smart Fileter : Miniature, Vignetting, Fish Eye1


Pause during recording, Still Image Capture, Time Trimming



Still Image : JPEG (DCF), EXIF 2.21, DPOF 1.1, PictBridge 1.0
Movie Clip : Videos H.264 (MPEG4.AVC) / Audio: AAC
Audio : WAV

File Format

12M: 4000X3000 pixels, 8M: 3264×2448 pixels,
5M : 2560X1920 pixels, 3M : 2048×1536 pixels
1M: 1024×768 pixels,
9M W: 3840 x 2160 pixels, 2MW:1920×1080 pixels,
10M P: 3984 x 2656 pixels

Image Size

12M : Super Fine 147, Fine 284, Normal 403
10MP : Super Fine 167, Fine 313, Normal 441
9MW : Super Fine 202, Fine 367, Normal 528
8M : Super Fine 211, Fine 374, Normal 537
5M : Super Fine 339, Fine 566, Normal 792
3M : Super Fine 532, Fine 802, Normal 1,065
2MW: Super Fine 870, Fine1,144, Normal 1,437
1M:Super Fine 1,471, Fine 1,670, Normal 1,872


Digital Output Connector

USB 2.0


Microphone : Mono
Internal Speaker : Mono

Video Output

AV : NTSC, PAL (user selectable) SCC-AV20
HDMI 1.4 : NTSC, PAL (user selectable)
* Remarks: HDMI function is available when connected through Type D HDMI Cable (optional).

DC power input

4.2V 20Pin



Power Source

Rechargeable battery : SLB-07
Adaptor : SAC-48, CB20U05A
Connector Type : 20pin
* Included battery may vary depending on sales region.

Physical Specification

Dimension (WxHxD)



136.6g (without battery and card)

Operating Temperature

0 ~ 40 °C

Operating Humidity

5 ~ 85%


Intelli Studio

Special Feature

• 3.0 ”Main Display(230K) ,1.5″” Front Display (61K)
• Dual Image Stabilization : Optical IS + Digital IS
• Front Dispaly Key : Self Portrait(Stil&Movie), Children Mode(Stil&Movie), Couple shot (Still)
(User can change the flash file of children mode by downloading new file from Samsung Website)
• Self Timer(Front LCD On : 2 sec., 10 sec., Double (10 sec., 2 sec.), Jump shot
• Smart Face Recognition
(Register 8 people manullaly and 20 people automatically / My Star : 8 people who are registered manually )
– Face recognition AF, Face List, My Star(Register manually),Smart Album(Face)
• Smart Auto , Smart Movie
• Smart Album (Smart Album Category: Type, Date, Color, Week, Face)
• Perfect Portrait System (Face Detection, Smie shot, Blink Detection, Smart Face Recognition, ,Beauty shot, Self Portrait- Front LCD)
• Beauty Shot (1,2,3Steps)
• Object Tracking AF
• High Definition Movie Recording : – 720p Resolution @30fps / H.264 Movie File
• Multi Slide Show

System Requirement in general

For Windows

Intel Pentium 4, 3.2GHz or later / AMD Athelon 64FX, 2.6GHz or later
Minimum 512MB 이상의 RAM (Over 1GB recommanded)
Windows XP / VISTA / 7
250 MB (Over 1GB recommanded)
CD-ROM Drive
USB 2.0
Microsoft 9.0c or later
Over 1024×768 pixels, 16 bit color monitor or later (1280×1024 pixels, 32 bit color recommanded)
Over 64MB video card (nVIDIA Geforce 7600GT or later/ATI x1600 series or later)

For Macintosh

Not support


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