Tommy & Tiky:FAQ – Camcorder with a unique active angle lens and Tripod

Camcorders by Samsung Imaging with a unique lens launched in 2009 grabbed the attention of many. These are no other than the R10 and C10 (25degree) which were mentioned at the last posting, and U10(7degree) which joined the league a little later. Except for C10, both R10 and U10 support HD. Those who already own a camcorder and interested in this product line expressed strong interest on whether the camcorder could be used with a tripod.


Tripod seems to be an indispensable companion of camcorders! Many users including horse******* posted questions on the usage of tripod.

While existing camcorders all come with a 90 degree lens, Samsung developed a groundbreaking ergonomic lens to save our wrists from pain. Camcorders with embedded 7 degree or 25 degree lens, how will these fit with tripods? As my test turns out, there is no problem recording using a tripod. The only thing you have to make sure is to adjust the angle of the tripod to fit the degree of the lens.

In case you have a tripod that has a fixed head, place the camcorder so that the two feet are located at the back and one foot right below the camera lens. Simply shorten the one foot below the camera and target the object.

However, most of the tripods you find in the market have adjustable head, so once you place the camcorder on the tripod, slant it downwards by 25~35 degrees to focus in on the object. Please refer to the pictures below for details. You can also rotate the camcorder 180 degrees after attaching the camcorder firmly to the tripod. The LCD also rotates accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about recording upside down.

If you own a gorillapod or a minipod, you are free from the angle issue and using a table is a nice option, too!



All in all, the 25 degree camcorder, designed to address the wrist pain issue, can be used with a tripod with no problem at all!



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