The World Creative Imaging Competition with NX10!!!

The World Creative Imaging Competition (WCIC) site has recently opened. WCIC consists of 120 young talents from 6 different countries around the world : China, France, Germany, South Korea, United Kingdom, and United States.

120 contestants will represent this Creative Class from March 19th, 2010 until March 23rd, 2010 to submit 3 creative photos by NX10 that online voters can vote on. The subject of their photos must represent the theme “The Creative Moment”, which is relative with the theme of NX10 “Why Capture? Creat!”.

The Final 10 contestants will be chosen by combination of public online voting & expert evaluation. Those 10 contestants will have their works on display in a gallery in China. And the Final10 Creative Class members will receive a scholarship to his or her school.

The WCIC site supports English, Spanish, Korean, French, Russian, German and Chinese.

There also is Samsung NX fan page on Facebook. Becime a fan and get more information about NX10.


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One Response to “The World Creative Imaging Competition with NX10!!!”

  1. Gatis Says:

    The competition is at full blow now and I need all the love and support I can get!
    Please vote and share my pictures – I have the ones with flaying cameras…

    I am currently the First from UK – but there is two more days to go – don’t be shy:)!!!


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