The first review of NX pancake lens., the second biggest photography portal in Poland, has published the first review of Samsung NX 30 mm f/2.0 lens. All tests and reviews are available in English as well, the English version of the site is

The review introduced that the Samsung NX 30 mm f/2.0 makes a good impression and enumerated strengths of NX pancake lens that its compact barrel and sensibly fast at the same time, excellent image quality in the frame centre, good image quality at the frame edge, chromatic aberration very well corrected, well-corrected astigmatism, good work against bright light, and relatively silent and quick autofocus. And there is a chart presenting a comparison between the tested lens and other „pancakes”, launched in the previous years. has also published some sample shots made with the NX 18–55 mm f/3.5–5.6 OIS, NX 30 mm f/2.0. Click here to see the images.

With some of the sample images, thanks to Daniel Kulinski who is our Samsungimaging blogger. For more posts from him, please check the category ‘OneStepCloser’.


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