Adapters for the NX10 have been unveiled at the PMA2010

Novoflex, the german manufacturer, showed nine adapters to various lens mounts for NX10.

The adapters will be available for the lenses from Nikon F, Canon FD, Minolta MD, Minolta/Sony Alpha, Leica R, Pentax K, Olympus OM, M42, and T2. It is showing that the NX10 gets high interest, even the NX10 has not been introduced to the markets except Korea. For more information, please visit here.

NX10 has a 25.5mm flange back, and a lens from another system can be mounted with an adaptor to the NX10 body. Flange back distance is the distance from the mounting flange to the image sensor.

Below is a table showing each flange back distance of cameras from other companies.

For example, with a Nikon lens, the NX10 body needs an adapter of 46.5-25.5=21 mm. In order to produce an adaptor, the flange back distance must have an enough gap between camera body and lens to give a room for the adaptor. So, the ones marked in red are not available to use adapters for NX10 because there would be difficult to focus to infinity.

Samsung NX10 will get more interests from now on.


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