Let’s see Samsung’s New Products at PMA2010


In the PMA2010, plenty of Samsung Imaging’s new products have been introduced including NX10 and WB650(HZ35W). Shall we look over some of them?
The Samsung EX1(TL500) is the world’s brightest F1.8 high-end compact digital camera. With an aperture of F1.8, the 24mm ultra-wide lens allows the most light compared to any similar camera on the market today. To provide you with greater flexibility when shooting, the EX1(TL500) is built with an ultra-clear 3.0” VGA AMOLED display that rotates for the best viewing angle. In addition, the highly sensitive 10M 1/1.7” CCD is just another reason why the EX1(TL500) is at the top of its class.


The ST5500(CL80) makes it simple. With a vivid 3.7” Wide 1,152K AMOLED Touch screen LCD, preserving any moment in a photograph or HD video is as simple as it is brilliant. And its advanced wireless connectivity capabilities make sending, posting and uploading any of those moments unbelievably easy. The ST5500(CL80), with a high image quality and stylish & ergonomic design, will command attention from the users who care about both function and design.
The HMX-U20 is ultra-compact size camcorder delivers 8M still image and with optical 3x zoom, High Definition MP4 format (H.264) Auto Focus, Smart Auto. It also has the button which enables to upload your clips to YouTube.
With the WP10(AQ100), you can capture the fun in the water up to 3 meters. There is another beautiful world under the water fishes, rocks and breeds, so do not hesitate to take AQ100 when you go to beach or pool. WP10(AQ100) is an essential item for your vacation. With its anti-dust system WP10(AQ100) is useful in various condition even in the deserts. Sands in the beach or in the deserts, waters in the rain or in the snow, whatever you need to do is just capture the fun. WP10(AQ100) assures perfect shots in any situation. 12.2M Pixels, 5x Optical Zoom Lens delivers HD movie.
Other new products were also introduced at PMA2010. Please keep paying attention to our products.

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