Tag your Memory EP3. Are you a fan of Geotagging and Social Network? Than, ST1000(CL65) is your answer!!


In my last two postings, we took a look at how to use ST1000 (CL65) for geotagging. Today, I would like to share three characteristics of ST1000 (CL65) before finishing my series on ‘Tag your memory’.
I will be covering the following three features today.
l How to do real-time location logging (geotagging) using Wi-Fi and GPS and post real-time on various web albums
l How to take pictures at various modes using Smart Auto function
l How to select menu and flip through photos by tilting the camera to the front, back and to the sides with Smart Gesture UI
1. Wireless network – GPS, Wi-Fi
I went over in detail the wireless network functions of ST1000(CL65) in the previous two postings. In particular, uploading photos through AP access, uploading to social media (not accessible of web authentication is required), and geo-tagging using GPS are key features of ST1000(CL65).
Use Wi-Fi to e-mail photos that you took to your friends and upload them to Picasa, Facebook, YouTube, Samsungimaging, Flickr or Twitter. ST1000(CL65)’s Wi-Fi enables you to quickly send and share photos cable free, even when you are on the move .
You can also use GPS function to match the photos you took using web albums such as Panoramio and Picasa with Google Map or Google Earth. Uploading photos that you took while traveling or of nice restaurants and sharing them with your friends will be tons of fun.


Take note that battery lasts shorter with GSP function on. If you are planning to use GPS function for a long time, make sure to take along extra batteries with you!
2. Smart Auto
Many of the recently launched Samsung Cameras have smart auto function. This function automatically analyzes the surroundings at the time of shooting and helps to capture optimal results. For example, if you are taking portraits, the camera will automatically apply beauty shot function to correct the skin. During night time, the mode is set to night mode and would flash an icon recommending the use of tripod.


3. Smart Gesture UI
Have you ever tried G-sensor? Many gadgets including mobile phones come with G-sensor, which is a motion sensor. ST1000(CL65) is no exception! If you shake your camera or turn it this and that way, the pre-set functions will run automatically. This means that you can turn on or turn off a certain function with one snap, without ever having to press buttons multiple times!
With ST1000(CL65), you don’t need to manipulate with force for accurate recognition. Simply shift the direction and the functions will come into action. If you tilt the camera sideways under photo album, you can flip through the photos back and forth.


ST1000(CL65) offers many other functions not described here. Yet, these three are the key differentiating factors.
ST1000(CL65) will be the best choice for not only SNS users but also those who love to travel or those who want to share information with many others.
Thank you for staying tuned to Tag your Memory. If the opportunity allows, I hope to see you again to introduce features of other cameras.
Thank you again!


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