NX Camera`s Facebook Official Fan page

Samsung NX camera’s official fan page opened on February 16th, kicking off with the hybrid mirror-less model, the NX10, the first camera of the NX series. (http://www.facebook.com/samsungnx).
NX10, the 1st camera of the NX line, is an interchangeable lens camera offering the performance and image quality of a DSLR, plus the portability, convenience, and ease of use of a compact camera.
– Excellent in instantaneous capture of fleeting moments
– Super large image sensor offers supreme image quality and rich natural colors
– 3.0″ AMOLED display provides clear photo information at anytime, anywhere
– Motion picture quality HD movie taking
The Samsung NX’s Facebook Fan Page will be posting stories, videos, pictures and much more about the NX series. What’s more, you can expect interesting upcoming events which will be held on the fan page for Facebook users. If you want to know what makes the Samsung NX10 special come and visit the Facebook fan page for all the details. Please stay tuned! Thanks.

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