Participating in the Asia for Animals Conference

On this post I’ll review the Asia for Animals Conference that held place from January 15th to the 19th in Singapore. KAWA was the only organization in Korea that was invited to this conference. 🙂



<PL70 l 1/125s l F3.8 l ISO 100 l 8.2mm l Program Auto>

This is the walk in Prama Hotel where the conference took place.
This conference was an important and meaningful occasion where all the animal activists from each country come together as one.


<PL70 l 1/8s l F5.3 l ISO 800 l 20.9mm l Program Auto>

After the workshop on the first day, the second day was all about presenting the activities. Representative Hae Kyung Jo of KAWA is presenting the results of the farm animal welfare campaign.


<PL70 l 1/10s l F4.0 l ISO 800 l 10.6mm l Program Auto>

On the fourth day the director of KAWA, Gail Jun, also presented on the anti-dog meat campaign.
The four days passed by like this; by presenting the activities and results of animal issues that took place in each country and discussing the tasks that are needed to be solved.


<PL70 l 1/500s l F3.4 l ISO 80 l 5.0mm l Program Auto>

And on the last day,
Starting at visiting Acres, the Singaporean wild animals protection organization,


<PL70 l 1/60s l F3.9 l ISO 80 l 9.5mm l Program Auto>


<PL70 l 1/125s l F3.4 l ISO 80 l 5.0mm l Program Auto>


 <PL70 l 1/350s l F4.2 l ISO 80 l12.0mm l Program Auto>

We visited Sungei Buloh Wetlands that is nicely maintained as the nature itself and saw the animals freely living there happily.


 <PL70 l 1/180s l F3.4 l ISO 80 l5.0mm l Program Auto>


<PL70 l 1/45s l F3.4 l ISO 200 l 5.0mm l Program Auto>


<PL70 l 1/45s l F3.4 l ISO 240 l 5.0mm l Program Auto>

And lastly we visited the animal protection organization SPCA’s shelter.

Animal abuse and imprudent use of animals are happening here and there all over the globe, even right at this moment.
We are animals called human that developed the most sensibility out of all.
How about using this sensibility for the vulnerable and pitiful animals that can’t change if it is not for us?


<PL70 l 1/8s l F3.8 l ISO 800 l 8.2mm l Program Auto>

This is the beautiful river by the hotel that we stayed in Singapore and the street cat brothers who didn’t take warning on people and comfortably relaxed. Dreaming of a world where human and animals can peacefully coexist, I finish this post.

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