Do you remember orangutan photographer Nonja? She’s back.

Last year, Nonja the orangutan photographer taking self-portraits with ST1000(CL65) was an issue. You can check out the previous post about Nonja, click here.
She has put her pictures up for auction on eBay for her relatives in her friends in Borneo.
The artistic ape’s handiwork has been viewed by tens of thousands of fans on Facebook after keepers at Vienna’s Schoenbrunn zoo in Austria gave her ST1000(CL65) and set up a Facebook account for her. Snaps from ST1000(CL65) are uploaded instantly over a Wi-Fi link.
The best 20 pictures of Nonja had been had been unveiled in the zoo and the framed works printed on canvas were being sold online on eBay.
The total income of auction achieved €2,539 and the highest prices was €361. The money from the auction will be donated to protecting the habitat of wild orangutans in Borneo

[Nonja’s self-portrait picture auctioned off at the highest prices €361 attaching a certificate with her thumbprint signature.]

[The pictures of Nonja and eBay auction introduced at ORF news]

[She has put her pictures up for auction on eBay]

[84,000 fans on her Facebook]


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