2010 Edition à Gadget of the month ST550

Imagine, a popular monthly magazine about technology, entertainment and culture with a circulation of 100.000 copies per month in Brazil, selected the Samsung ST550 as gadget of the month in January, 2010.

Imagine Magazine is a monthly publication of TVA, cable TV operator in Brazil, t hat shows to its public and readers, interesting content and news regarding technology and internet. It highlights tendencies, innovations, findings, worldviews, predictions and appoints as gadget of the month, products that stand out from the others in their categories, recommending them to its public.

The magazine featured January, 2010 Edition à Gadget of the month ST550, and the title of the article is Easy Selfshots.

The article introduced about the functions of ST550 such as the usage of the Dual LCD which is perfect for selfshots, funny animation to get children’s attention, and countdownt, and other features were mentioned.


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