Blythe-tic Winter

Hello, everybody.

How have you been?

We’ve been busy but we are ok 😀

My mama’s office moved to a new office right before Christmas.

This is a new office in this picture.

I went to her office and helped her with unpacking the boxes.


1_abbie_boxes [Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/45ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 400ㅣ4.9mm]

Hope you had Merry Christmas!

We visited Alex’s parents’ house and and had a good time.

I got to take this picture with Alex’s first ornament.

So sweet!

clip_image004[Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/15ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 800ㅣ4.9mm]

We had some crazy snow here in December.

It snowed only on the weekend.

We’ve been praying that we would like to get some snow on the weekdays.

If it snows a lot on the weekdays, my mama doesn’t have to deal with going to work or school.


We all hope that it would happen soon!!

clip_image006[Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/60ㅣf/4.7 ㅣISO 80ㅣ8.3mm]

Hopie, Alex’s younger sister even made me an awesome pancake for me.



clip_image008[Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/20ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 800ㅣ4.9mm]

I know it’s super late but I hope that you had Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 😀

clip_image010[Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/15ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 800ㅣ4.9mm]

and Happy February!


clip_image012[Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/20ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 800ㅣ4.9mm]

And yes, I love you!

8_natchan [Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/45ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 800ㅣ4.9mm]

Have a good day!

6_mei_g_jane [Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/8ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 200ㅣ4.9mm]

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