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 Recently, compact digital cameras seemed getting less interested from users due to DSLR, but it has started to get an attention, after Samsung has released new compact digital cameras. The phrase “Samsung for digital cameras” has come with, and Samsung get an attention from the world with the world’s first and best technology. Especially, I’d like to give a high score to cameras released recently for great design and high performance despite a small size. If someone asks me to recommend a compact digital camera, I strongly recommend the IT100 without hesitation. The smart auto function minimizing inconvenient to change settings every time to get a good picture was surprised. Any time, anywhere, you can get the best pictures. The Smart auto function automatically adjusts the 11 scene modes. The IT from the IT100 means ‘Intelligent’, so you can see the IT100 is an intelligent digital camera. Because the IT100 is small, cute, and convenient, this camera has the name “IT” as you can see.

12.2M pixels, F3.4, 3.0 inch LCD, Optical 5x/Digital 5x zoom, Video+Voice/30fps/1280×720, ISO3200, 5cm closeup, IS, Face recognition, HD video, Beauty shot, Blink detection, Korean, SD/SDHC, SLB-10A

Feature of the IT100

The IT100 has 12.2M pixels. Looking at the feature, this product has high pixel and 28mm wide optical 5x zoom, and they are the most important feature of the IT100. The smart auto function was the best.


Looking at the specification of the IT100, there’s a thing noticeable. Because the IT100 supports 28mm FOV, you can get a wider angle picture. Especially, optical 5x zoom is very useful, when you want to take a closer picture. When it comes to video, it supports HD resolution, so it’s more vivid and the quality is better. On top of that, through the beauty shot function, you don’t need any editing program to get more beautiful videos. People will like these functions, I bet. Since the IT100 supports optical IS function, you don’t need to worry about the hand blur in the pictures when taking moving objects, or from moving transportation.


 Colors of the IT100

IT100 comes with 4 colors such as black, silver, red, and blue


 Opening the IT100

It’s the box of the IT100. On the box, “Perfect Pictures Every time” is noticeable. If you have an experience of Samsung digital camera, you will agree with the phrase as I understand.


 It’s the back of the box. Through endless technology development, Samsung digital cameras make people experience new world of digital cameras. This can be made by Samsung’s own technology accumulated for decades, and now people all around the world take pictures, talk, and are satisfied with Samsung digital cameras.


 On the side, I could see the feature of the IT100. When purchasing a product which has features on the box, you’d better know the strong point. The strength of the Samsung IT100 is 12.2M pixels, 28mm wide angle, optical 5x zoom, 3.0 inch LCD, IS, Smart auto, Perfect Portrait System, and frame guide helping you take picture with the angle you want.




 Composition of the IT100

Body, Power adaptor/USB cable, Battery, Hand strap, Install CD, AV cable, Instruction Manual.

You should know Case and memory card are not included. HDMI cradle, KIT manual, Cradle, HDMI cable, and Remote controller are also not included.



 Composition of the IT100 – USB cable

You can connect the USB cable like the picture above. If you buy the cradle, you can separately charge the combination of the body and the cradle. Connecting the cradle, it’s easier to control the camera when it’s connected to a TV.



 Composition of the IT100 – Charger

The USB cable can be connected to the power adaptor, or to a PC. It’s such an outstanding function.


 Composition of the IT100 – AV cable

The AV cable can be connected to a HDTV. On the TV screen, you can enjoy bigger pictures or videos.


 IT100 Memory card insertion> Separate product


 Composition of the IT100 – Battery

The charge time of the Li-Ion IT100 battery is 150 min, and this can be used for a long time for voice, video recording, and pictures.





 Name of each part

The IT100 can be easily used. Through the mode dial, you can set the mode when taking pictures. Everyone can get the best pictures by setting the optimized mode. Besides, you don’t need to change the mode dial, but just pushing the shutter, and then the mode changes to what you want. This is the intelligence of the IT100.


 LCD size of the IT100

The LCD size of the IT100 is 3.0 inch. You can see pictures on wider screen, and menu can be adjusted. It’s great to check pictures on the bigger and wider screen.








 Design of the IT100

The IT100 can take pictures and videos perfectly, so you don’t need DSLR. I was really surprised at the performance and specification of this small, cute compact digital camera. And I think this deserves to be loved from the world. As I could see from the vision of Samsung camera “Touch the light, Realize the Dream”, I’m looking forward to the IT100 on the market like the concept which is “Go further with a picture”



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