New year in Edinburgh


ST500(TL220) 1/8s l 3.5f l ISO480 l 4.9mm Program Auto

Hello, Twenty Ten! To celebrate the new year 2010, I went on a trip to Scotland that I’d been looking forward for so long. In Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, they have the ‘Hogmany festival’ at New year’s Eve which is one of the most celebrated winter and new year festivals in Europe.


ST500(TL220) 1/500s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program Auto

Edinburgh isn’t a big city and the streets aren’t so complicated so you can fully enjoy the city by walking around. There were 2 things that surprised me when I arrived at Edinburgh. One was the pile of snow which you can hardly find in Britain and the other is the freezing cold weather; no wonder why there was such massive snow! But thankfully the sky was very clear and pretty that made me feel fresh while I was walking round.


SAM_3930ST500(TL220) 1/125s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program Auto

When you walk along Prince Street which separates the old and new town of Edinburgh, you’ll spot the giant eye-catching architecture burnt like black color. It’s the Scott’s Monument. They say that there are many mountains that consist of rocks in Scotland. Different from Britain where houses are built with bricks, buildings in Scotland are built of rocks dug out from the mountains. These architectures made out of rock seem to play a part in the antique and classical atmosphere of Edinburgh.


ST500(TL220) 1/45s l 4.1f l ISO100 l 6.5mm Program Auto


ST500(TL220) 1/60s l 3.7f l ISO80 l 5.3mm Program Auto

The whole city was hustle and bustle getting ready for the Hogmany festival. The concert stage was installed with the Edinburgh castle as the background, and over a background of thousand years old town buildings various rides and ice rink were available. The harmony between unharmonious things seemed very attractive.


ST500(TL220) 1/60s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program Auto


ST500(TL220) 1/60s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program Auto

When I was walking down Royal Mile crowded with most of the tourist sights, I was able to run into a couple of street artists. Especially, the man who is taking pictures with the tourists dressed like Mel Gibson from Brave Heart wearing the traditional Scottish costume is a celebrity at Royal Miles. Despite the cold weather, he was wearing a tartan skirt and was posing with a loud roar each time he was taking a picture with the tourists. I could tell how much he prides and loves Scotland from his passionate behavior.


ST500(TL220) 1/250s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.8mm Program Auto


ST500(TL220) 1/250s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.8mm Program Auto

Among many things that represent Scotland, probably the check pattern is the most known. You can easily find souvenir shops that sell items with check patterns anywhere in Edinburgh. From 100% cashmere clothing and accessories to mugs, dolls etc… it seemed like everything you can make with check pattern was gathered. Even a cute dog with tartan check outfit!


ST500(TL220) 1/8s l 4.1f l ISO800 l 6.5mm Program Auto


ST500(TL220) 1/8s l 3.5f l ISO800 l 4.9mm Program Auto

80,000 people were waiting for the new year’s countdown dancing and singing along with the DJ. As if the whole city were a club, it was the moment when excitement was at a peak with the festive fever and excitement for the new year regardless of age and nationality.


ST500(TL220) 1/3 l 3.5f l ISO203 l 6.6mm Program Auto


 ST500(TL220) 1/2 l 3.5f l ISO203 l 6.6mm Program Auto

At Royal mile, as seen from the picture above, the giant candle became a chandelier and lit up the sky. Freezing tourists gathered around the candle to warm their frozen hands and feet.


ST500(TL220) 1/60s l 4.4f l ISO200 l 13.7mm Program Auto


ST500(TL220) 1/750 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program Auto

In Scotland, you can find tradition and people who proudly live the tradition. Following the tradition is their everyday life and something ordinary for them. I guess this is the reason why every year tourists flood to Scotland and Edinburgh and return home impressed, promising to visit again.

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