My first trip to the U.S.

Hello dear readers of this blog,

I actually got the opportunity to work for this blog, and I wanted to briefly introduce myself to all of you. My name is YJ, I’m 24 years and I’m currently studying business administrator at a well-known Korean university, however I agreed to attend classes at the Tennessee Technology University in the States for the next 6 months.

Basically, I’m going to blog about the campus life from the views of a foreign student. I will also travel as much as possible; therefore I hope I can provide some quality posts to all of you.

Thank you, and let me start with my first post, which is about my departure from Korea, missing my flight to the first week in the United States of America and the Tennessee University.


 PL70 l 1/15s l F3.4 l ISO 800 l FLASH OFF

To keep it short and sweet, it was a mess. I missed my flight in Washington. So I was stuck at the airport, and I had to sleep a day at the airport. Nothing special, heh? But no one was around, and since this is my first time in the States, it wasn’t easy to adapt to a new communicational culture.


PL70 l 1/1000s l F3.8 l ISO 80 l FLASH OFF

Finally arrived in Tennessee. This is me posing in front of the entrance. Until then, the weather was good. Please pay attention to the “UNTIL THEN”.


PL70 l 1/15s l F3.8 l ISO 400 l FLASH OFF

First bowling party with my dorm-buds. It felt great, and that was actually the first time I realized “Hey, this feels like America.”


PL70 l 1/10s l F3.4 l ISO 800 l FLASH OFF

Remember the “UNTIL THEN”-phrase in the second picture? Well, during the first week I also had the chance to experience my first “Tornando”-warning. It felt weird tho.


PL70 l 1/30s l F3.4 l ISO 160 l FLASH OFF

The thing after the Tornado warning was, all of sudden the weather switched from “SUPER BAD” to “PRETTY GOOD”, after we were told that we’re allowed to move to our rooms again.


PL70 l 1/15s l F3.4 l ISO 400 l FLASH OFF

The building I take classes in. Doesn’t it look like the school building from “The Simpsons”?


PL70 l 1/30s l F3.4 l ISO 400 l FLASH OFF

My first ever Basketball game. Before I moved to the States, I read a lot of about the sports culture at American universities, and, to be honest, it was great.


PL70 l 1/45s l F4.0 l ISO 400 l FLASH OFF

Our official mascot!


PL70 l 1/30s l F3.4 l ISO 400 l FLASH OFF

This is the place I hang around most of the time: the gym. Along with the ordinary set-up, we also have squash rooms.

Anyways, this is my first post, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Thank you!


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