Tommy & Tiky : FAQ – What is the difference between C10 and C14?

We have prepared a FAQ section for questions that we often get concerning Samsungimaging products.
This section aims to help to solve questions users might have when using Samsung Camera and Camcorder and also provide information on product features to enable users to spend effectively.
These frequently asked questions were collated from various channels of Samsungimaging (blogs, youtube, Twitter, etc.). I hope you find the answers helpful!


Many users including Jge*** have asked the question on the difference between camcorders SMX-C10 and



Don’t’ they look identical!!!!!!!


Major difference is the embedded memory.

While C10 doesn’t have embedded memory, C14 supports embedded memory of 16GB. For C14, you can also use SD/SDHC card to add more memory. Still cut shots are possible with C14, but you cannot with C10. Other than that, all other specs are the same.
You can obtain high resolution image with 30fps 640*480 for SD-VGA and 50fps 720*576 for Sd-D1. They both support H.264HP/MP4 files (except for HD) and support time-lapse recording and Youtube direct upload function.

Hope this answers your question!

I’ll come back with another frequently asked question.

Until then, bye bye~


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