Street Artists


hile traveling Europe, one of the scenes that come across the most is the artists on the streets. Dreams and passions are felt at the tip of their fingers. Also, I could come across Europeans enjoying that culture quite often. As for me, if I see a painting at a museum that I had already come across before I just take a photo in front of it and move on to the next one. So I just basically look around whereas the Europeans seem to carefully appreciate each and every piece that’s there. There are people who sketch a certain piece onto their notebook or those who try to relive the moment of the artist and look into how the art piece was produced. I would like to resemble their vision, their love for art.


[Samsung SMX-C14 1/60sㅣf/1.6ㅣ2.5mm]

[Samsung SMX-C14 1/68sㅣf/1.6ㅣ2.5mm]

CAM_0044_GPS[Samsung SMX-C14 1/60sㅣf/1.6ㅣ2.3mm]

CAM_0045_GPS [Samsung SMX-C14 1/60sㅣf/1.6ㅣ2.3mm]


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