Anytime, Anywhere, ES60 from Samsung Digital Imaging


We often see people take pictures with a small camera in a back. It’s better to have a DSLR if you want to take more professional pictures, but it’s heavy and you need another bag and more to be more cautious. On the other hand, if it’s light, easy to shoot, and cheap, it will be perfect to have it in a back. Recently, Samsung Digital Imaging( has released the ES60 to meet this customers’ request. It supports 12.2M pixels and it allows good quality pictures at a relatively low price. Let’s take a look at other features of the ES60.


Spin hairline from the lens
The protection material is very important. No matter how expensive parts it has inside, if its appearance is weak to scratch or something, it will be forgotten soon. Therefore, a hairline is engraved to make it strong to scratch or finger prints. Unlike horizontal hairlines from other products, the ES60 has a spin hairline concentrated on the center. It makes various reflections by the angles, so it looks like going out to different angles Also, an aluminum case is use, so it will not be changed or corrupt by dusts.


Slim type size and weight
People like Slim type digital camera, because of its compact size and thickness. The ES60 is a compact type digital camera and as slim as a slim digital camera. Compared to the famous slim digital camera DSC-TX1 from Sony, the ES60 has .4×59×21.6mm of size with 116g of weight and is lighter and smaller except the thickness.



12.2M pixels
The biggest difference between cheap and expensive cameras was the pixels. That’s why we were always wondering the pixels when seeing a digital camera. Now it has changed. The ES60 has as high pixels as recent high grade digital cameras. All cameras recently released from Samsung Digital Imaging such as the ST1000(CL65), ST550(TL225), PL70, and WB5000 has the same 12.2M pixels as the ES60. The higher pixels makes the camera more useful, since pictures can be printed in the A1 size or watched through HDTVs without a problem.


3x optical zoom Samsung lens
The ES60 has adopted the 3x optical zoom Samsung lens. Generally, high grade compact digital cameras supports 5x optical zoom, so the optical zoom of the ES60 is relatively not that good. Digital zoom can also be applied together, but like other cameras, it causes much quality degradation.


2.5” TFT LCD
The ES60 has 2.5” 230K pixels TFT LCD. The size and quality of the LCD is as important as the pixels, because people want bigger LCD in order to play music and videos. The 2.5” LCD might be small to some users, but considering other models in the same level, it’s not that bad.


Intelligent LCD
The intelligent LCD function automatically changes the brightness of the LCD depending on the brightness of surroundings. If it’s dark, it reduces the brightness to save the battery and vice versa. It’s actually very useful. It can also support the auto power off function which turns off the LCD after a certain time, so it helps manage the battery life.


Digital Image Stabilization
Nobody can be free from hand blur. Especially, if you have more serious hand blur than others, the DIS of the ES60 might be so useful. When taking blurry pictures, the camera compensates the images by digitally adjusting ISO or some correction to help you get good pictures. It takes more time to save picture if using the DIS mode. And the ES60 doesn’t supports Optical Image Stabilization, but DIS. It could have been better if it supported the OIS considering the higher effects of the OIS.



Scene mode for every situation
The Scene mode allows more convenient shooting. Before the development of digital camera technology, all settings such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO had to be done manually. However, once selecting an appropriate scene mode, the ES60 sets the optimized shot mode with optimized settings such as Beauty Shot enhancing and brightening faces, Night Scenery, and Scenery.


Beauty Shot
As one of the scene modes, Beauty Shot is especially useful. As a function for a self shot, it eliminates flaws in faces, so you don’t need to retouch pictures after taking shots. If you take a shot without Beauty Shot, don’t worry. In the edit mode, you can apply Beauty Shot effect on a picture. It also supports red-eye elimination or Contrast adjustment to get a perfect shot.


Self Guide
Self Guide can be used to take other persons, but it’s more useful when taking a self shot. Pointing the lens to you, the camera starts to recognize your face. When recognized, it makes a beep sound, and if more accurate focus is set, more frequent sounds are made. Then, all you need to do is to push the shutter. Self Guide helps you take a self shot more easily and accurately.


648×480 resolution video recording
The ES60 supports easy video recording. 640×480 and 320×240 resolution with 30 and 15 fps are supported. Using Fn button on the control part, you can quickly enter the setting and change the settings. It will be saved as AVI format and sound can be turned off.

Photo Help Guide
In order to take a good picture, you need to try much, but this function helps people who don’t have much time to practice or study cameras. This includes some important things. Therefore, following the guide, even beginners will know how to use the functions of the ES60. It’s so kind instruction for beginners.


10cm Macro
The ES60 supports up to 10cm Macro. Compared to high grade cameras supporting 3cm Macro, it’s not very good. However, it’s good enough to take a flower or things. By pushing the down button from 5 function buttons, you can easily change the mode to Macro mode.








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