WB650(HZ35W) & WB600(HZ30W) unveiled with super zooms!

talknews_0121Samsung announced two new models WB650(HZ35W) and WB600(HZ30W) with 15x Optical Zoom Lens.
Both WB650(HZ35W) and WB600(HZ30W) offer a huge 24mm ultra wide angle and 15X super optical zoom. In addition, the WB series are equipped with a world-first 15X super-zoom lens.  Advanced Dual Image Stabilization(IS) technology gives users the ability to capture crystal-clear and sharp images.

In addition, the WB650(HZ35W)even comes equipped with a 3.0” AMOLED display and built-in GPS technology for the automatic geo-tagging of images from anywhere in the world to pinpoint the exact location that the shots were taken.

The cameras offer Samsung’s advanced scene recognition technology, and upgraded Smart Auto which makes user use video as well as with still images.

“These cameras represent what consumers can expect from Samsung,” said Steve Mitchell, Marketing General Manager, Samsung Digital Imaging. “From their powerful optics to the exceptional combination of features which make snapping perfect pictures every time effortless, Samsung’s new WB-Series goes above and beyond what’s expected from a point-and-shoot and raises the bar even higher for this class of high zoom compacts.”

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